Suggestion for a good 6 button gamepad for PC?

Or a good convertor that allow me to use my Xbox arcade stick on PC :smiley:

Thanks :smiley:

Just had a round of Real Bout FF against someone and I had ZERO lag, I was amazed to say the least, I didn’t know Kaillera is capable of it. This saves me a lot of money as I don’t have to get Xbox to get my 2D fix.

Neo-geo pad 2 with joybox 6 converter :slight_smile:

about kaillera> no such thing as zero lagg…you mean unnoticeable…but it really depends on your own ping with server and the connection setting you play. Lower the ping and higher the connection setting…the better. e.g. Your ping < 17 ms on lan => maximum 1 frames delay…its also minimum. There are a few other parameters as well.

If money’s no object, get a wicked custom stick with a PS/PS2 connector and a SmartJoy Plus. I’ve got a modded Pelican Real Arcade stick and a modded Nakiworld (don’t recall the model), and both work flawlessly with the SmartJoy Plus. And the biggest bonus: gives you a major edge over the keyboarders. :wink:

Unnoticable is fine :smiley: Had a blast playing KOF 94, I can not believe there are still people playing this. There are also some crazy good players online. I never thought people can do infinities online but I guess practice pays off.

Ordered some ghetto Xbox to USB converter from Ebay, hope it comes with minimal input lag. I have two custom arcade sticks with a modded Xbox.

Incredible, this saves me quite a bit of money, no longer need XBox Live. Kaillera came a LONGGGGGGGGGG way since the last time I tried it (about 3 years ago).

I just use $15 USB converter and there’s no lag aside from my ping and other online elements.

It has indeed. :tup: Shoot, I laid off for a couple months, and came back 2 weeks ago to find that the previous 2 only US servers (GW and anti3d) had blossomed into about 10 US servers. :smiley: Many more players online now.

GL with the adapter, hope it works out nicely for you. :slight_smile:

I use a Saitek P2500. Best pad I’ve ever used, with ONE PROBLEM. The D-pad tends to break off, like a LOT, like about once every 30 days or so (which was the last 3.)

HOWEVER, since these pads come with a two year guarantee, you can contact Saitek and have them send you several D-pads, because you can take the D-pad off easily (it just has a push-in peg,) and put on a new one. Even if the pad breaks and just leaves a peg stub, you can get it out easily with needlenose pliers or strong tweezers or what not.

Some people like me are better with keyboard than their sticks and pads :slight_smile:

I am glad to read but this, but at the same time I feel stupid. I never bothered to check up on my warranty after my own broke. :sad: . Where I am from, if something breaks on you we say “hard luck.” I guess that I forgot how it works in the US.