Suggestion for a ps2 to usb converter

I need a good one. The one I have adds latency that isnt really there (the pad im using is a ps2 saturn controller i need a good converter that works well with it.)

Links are doubly appreciated

overall discussion

what you want

<— ps2 to ps3 converter

i want a ps2 to usb converter

PS3 does use usb.

ps2 -> ps3 == ps2 -> USB

i have one that works on pc

ill sell it 10 shipped lemme know if you want it

I picked one up from Radio Shack recently. It’s the one with the most boring, Radio Shack brand package, out of the three I’ve seen online. Works very well. $11.99

This one from RadioShack is good. The one they carry in stores which looks like a really short extension cable lags and can’t handle multiple inputs. You can also try this one:

the one i have is from radio shack it isnt very good there is some latency to it

i think i found one to get tho thanks anyway guys