Suggestion for Mods thread


If there is anything mods here can do to make the TO better, post anything you guys want or want changed in here. Thanks

WTS- Flash SALE! TE Pro $115 shipped! Plus a few more items

I think Modders/Stick builders and whomever offer any kind of service should have their own Trading Outlet (Meaning their own sale spot). So it’s easier to browse/search their work and services and it’s not mixed with the rest of the crowd. It will help a lot people. So after selecting Trading Outlet We would pick General Public or Custom Service (Something like that). People will sale/buy more stuff as well because the Topics will be minimized. And we don’t have to go way further looking for old posts. Another thing that would be cool is to give the top Sellers/Traders their spot as well. So it’s easier for them as well since they are selling and trading for the longest and some of us it’s comfortable dealing with those that are trading/selling note often then others that just started.But offcourse Top Sellers/Traders should meet requirements to move from General Public to Top Sellers/Traders Thread ,like Popularity,Feedback … and whatever else Moderators think it’s necessary.


Moderators, or general suggestions for TO. not stick modders


I think mods should make it mandatory to make everyone post which state (if not also a city) in the thread title so those of us that’s not willing (or rather reluctant) to ship, can let everyone know if we’re local to potential buyers/traders or not.


An integrated feedback system. Not 100%, but it will be better than asking everyone for their proofs of address.


Bring back the requirement to make a Thread.
The old SRK vBulletin used to have the Fifty Post thing.
Where the system itself did not allow the Member to make a Thread.

No more need to tell people about the rules to sell.
Bad for buyers though.


How about making a rule that if your asking price for an item that you’re selling is over $100 then you’re required to post a picture of it? Just about everyone has access to (at least) a camera phone, and it may help reduce the risk of getting fleeced for large sums.


As long as they post that in the thread, it’s fine. Adding that shit to the thread title would just take up more room in something already restricted.

That’s something you need to take up with admins, we have no control over that.

I don’t know about other mods but I’d be 100% for this rule. Hell other forums I go on require to post a pic of everything.


Stickie the “hot deal thread” again please.


The hot deal thread hasn’t been updated so I unstickied it. I’ll get around to that soon enough though


what do you mean?


Perhaps you guys should create sub-sections within the TO. It should be similar to the way neoGAF has an “on topic” section and an “off topic” section. So in the TO should have an On Topic section where everything pertaining to the FGC can go in that section (e.g., sticks, customs, art, buttons, modding services, etc.) and the TO should have a separate section like an Off Topic section where everything else can be traded or sold (e.g., clothes, toys, collectibles, and other random stuff.)


Deleting old posts or anything that isn’t related to TO so we don’t have to Bump so offten. Also separate it by North America,South America,Asia,Europe… So it’s easier for others that live outside US to Buy/Sell/Trade.

Don’t be shy guys! If you guys have something to say or share to improve TO This’s the right place. After all We are using it so helping the modders to make it better it’s the least we can do.


Wouldn’t mind a lesser time requirement to sell/trade. Or at least make it so if your rep is good you can do business. Not complaining I just have some sticks to sell :sweat:


Figured I’d comment as to bring this thread back to MMDS attention in case he has forgotten about it. :slight_smile:


Stick builders / modders / services having one.
FS/FT/WTB/Ebay having another.


This should be on Stickies or otherwise closed because soon it will be forgotten.


WE DID IT BBB, I brought back the attention and you got it stickied!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with the second half of this, not so much the first.



I want to use this opportunity to talk about the 5 sticky limit. Do you guys feel there needs to be less stickies so that businesses can last longer on the first page?

I’ve actually wanted to step down as moderator, and I still do. I’m not online much like I use to be because of school, and it’s effecting my mod duties. Somebody that uses TO 100% of the time should replace me as mod.