Suggestion for new players wanting to main Akuma

I only started playing USF4 a few days ago after watching some of the high level competitions on youtube.

I really would like to eventually have Akuma as my main. However, i was reading some of the posts from the character section, indicating that for Akuma to “work”, mixups are the bread and butter. Some of his combos are also too difficult for me to execute at this moment.

I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some advises on which other character (or stick with akuma) I should start with, which would be easier for me to move on to Akuma after i got the basics down.


Learn the character you want to play. Learning another character isn’t necessarily going to translate.

I think Akuma is one of the most difficult characters to play, hence why there are no relevant Akumas outside of Japan even though he’s considered top tier or at least one of the better characters in the game.

I dunno, part of me wants to tell you to play whoever you like and enjoy the game however you like, but it’s easy to get into bad habits like jump back fireball all day and you’re only gonna lose and get frustrated.

So try playing evil ryu a bit maybe? He’s got the evil thing going for him, should teach you to play a more grounded game, gives you room to learn fadc which is essential to akuma, combos and hitconfirms are similar, has a divekick, more health so more room for error, still has teleport, etc.

Also consider that like most other players, it’s likely you’ll drop the game for SF5 when it arrives. There’s not much sense struggling to learn the ins and outs of a highly idiosyncratic character only to stop after a year.

I’d pick one of the more basic non-charge characters (they’re barely present in SF5) if I was jumping in now. Ryu is the most obvious choice or maybe Fei Long.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I might try to pick up Ryu for now and see how it goes. Hope Akuma will be in SF5 haha

After a week of play time,i was switching a lot between ryuband akuma. Although it is hard to use, I am enjoying akuma much more

There are still people playing 3s and Street Fighter 2, hell there are still people playing Vanilla SF4 online. Ultra has a huge base on XBL and a decent base on PS4. This game is going to get played for many years to come esp. the players that prefer the light attack based footsie system over the retro medium based footsie system that 5 will have