Suggestion: Online 2P Training Mode

My friends and I have been spending more time fighting each other in Training Mode than we have been in Versus Mode and we’ve been having a ridiculous amount of fun.

I think 2P Training Mode would work really well online. I think it would foster an atmosphere of learning and teaching that would benefit every skill level. This might be too much to add in a patch, but I really hope it will be in SF4.

i was wondering if there was online training mode, but i guess this answers my question. i would have liked to see that feature too.

Wow man, that’s actually a really great idea.

Dummy should be recordable too :frowning:

I’ll make a feature request.

Recordable dummy would be awesome, as well as online training mode. A good way to see what beats what is turning on the hibox display and fighting the compy, fwiw.

Why couldn’t online training just be a 2 player private player match room?

IMO traning dummy recording is much more important. ST is a game about what beats what, there’s no anti everything like parry or roll or CC activations so you have to know your character.
Dummy recording would reduce the time of the boring parts (trial and error while getting raped) and give players quicker access to the interesting parts (mindgames and strategies).
I really wonder why sirlin didn’t think about it.

Little late to be adding features, ain’t it?

more dummy presets would be nice too, like jump forward, walk back, fireball, SBK, flash kick, dragon punch, crouching fierce, sweep etc.

Would be awesome to record games online then download the opponents inputs into the dummy, so if they pulled off some corner trap and you want to learn how to get out of it, you could use these recordings.

That would be beyond awesome.

The one thing I would like in Training Mode, if they are actually gonna revamp it at all, is a very simple fix: do like in AE where holding an extraneous button (maybe in this case, just use “Back” or “Select” since they normally don’t do anything) makes the dummy walk forward even if they aren’t human controlled. It’s just nice to be able to get people barely out of the corner, especially when a lot of characters’ backwards throw throws them waaaay out there.

  • James

online training mode would be great… me and my buddy were just talking about the fighting engine details over endless matches but it’d be nice to not have to wait for the next match everytime

did someone make a capcom-unity suggestion already?

cool, ono responded to my twitter about this: