Suggestions for improvement to the over all EVO experience next year and beyond!


First off this is all my opinion and my ideas so yeah please dont flame my ass into submission.

Apologies ahead of time for the incoming wall of text.

So I essentially put my life on hold for the weekend of EVO and I don’t regret it even slightly. However, that’s not to say there cant be some improvements next year and beyond…

RE: The Stream

First off 23k+ ppl watching the Stream, well done but we COULD have broken 30 k if you didn’t keep experienceing the tech problems such as the stream dropping off for an hour here and there sometimes (more often than I would have accepted had I had my way but that,s another story.) MID-MATCH!

So for next year (and I volunteer for where it’s needed.) I’d like to see the following:

-more than one stream to allow for server crashes etc…
-More things like the dogface show etc… to fill in them ‘lunch breaks’ etc…
-Videos of past great matches on standby for when the stream does crash, on this point they can have a pre-evo exhibition mini tourney to buffer some matches in case the stream crashes early on or starts later than expected. Maybe some trailers from games featured in the tournament to intersperse throughout. etc…
-Make it like the super bowl or other major events, have ads if only spoken word ads, have trailers from sponsors etc…
-Overlays; Lets get more overlays with on the fly graphics that show who’s sitting on what side, have instant replays complete with commentary post match, have a Match of the Day vid, etc…
-Have a Match of the day vid, comback of the day vid, just stuff in general to keep the energy up, etc…

Now I’m not saying they did a poor job, the guys actually did rather well aside from the mic troubles in my opinion, but they just seemed to be overwhelmed. Possibly they needed more anouncers to lighten the load in the future. What we need to do is have some form of contest or star search type deal for rabid fans of the fighting genre and games in general, people that can keep the energy up constantly in the higher spectrum, EVO is like the Superbowl of Fighting games, lets act like it!

Others with other ideas feel free to post away below.


How about having a roving camera crew catching casual and BYOC matches on the floor during the lulls between tournament matches?

Do it for the lulls!


That was my very first evo and I had fun. I didn’t really know what to expect but if there is anything I would say on the last day during the finals matches that there is an exciting commentator talking during the matches. I had two friends that were girls and they really got into it during the mvc2 matches because someone was talking about what was going on. During the blazblue and sf4 matches they weren’t so into it until the last matches with daigo and justin wong.

Evo was awesome that was my first and I’ll see you all there again next year.


Your only “suggestions” are basically to fix the stream experience that you were given, for free.

Maybe you should just go next year, and I bet those issues will be resolved @_@


At next years evo, Id like to see some vendors selling sticks or arcade parts or some cool stuff like that. I really wanted to buy some stuff there but there wasn’t much.


i would, but there is no selling on evo floor.


More byoc stations for casual play. No offense to Brawl players but damn were all those stations devoted to them a waste of space. :bluu:

Special events were definitely enjoyable, and having Ono speak was appreciated.

  1. Better commentary for the live audience. I actually left Evo early, went home, and watched the SFIV finals over the stream because it was more exciting. I rewatched the HDR finals later on and realized how much I was missing-- like when they explained that the one match was going to be double blind. The live ‘commentator’ just sort of said, “Yeah!” every so often, and usually didn’t even announce who was playing or who won.

  2. This is sort of a random idea, but what if there were two smaller screens to the left and right of the main screen that each showed a players’ face? It’d be neat to be able to identify players more easily and start to think of them as people instead of names on a bracket.

  3. Some sort of program handout and/or posters all over the place.

  4. Organize the theater seating better, and don’t allow people to fill up all the aisles. Once the finals got going it was very hard to move about the hall.

Speaking as someone who was solely a spectator and not an entrant.

Things done right: The stream was actually fairly well done, despite the kinks.

Having plenty of cold water available was +++Super Special Awesome.


Try to make sure the judges know how PS3’s work with SF4. A friend of mine actually lost his match because the other player hit the home button, but because the screen said “1P Pause” (which it always does no matter who hits the home button) he lost the round (and consequently, the match). It didn’t seem to matter to the judge that my friend has the lock switch on his TE stick set, he just looked at “1P Pause” and didn’t even want to listen to my friend when he pointed it out.

BTW, I know the judges are EXTREMELY busy during this and obviously they don’t want to be bothered with EVERY little issue like this and want to keep things rolling, but in an event like Evo, you really should assure that everyone is getting their fair chance. I’ve heard this was a problem in other matches as well.