Suggestions for New stick/site to buy


Hey, i am looking to get ready for sfv and buy a new stick. I used to have a TE stick for ps3, but the stick is really lose now, and the buttons are really loud.

We have a six month old baby in the house now, so i am not allowed to use TE anymore. I havent been playing sf or any other games for 3 years now, so i am not sure whats out there.

What i want is a silent buttons, and tight ball top stick. Always liked the weight and layout of TE but im open for other manfucators aswell. since i think il get used to it pretty soon. Also looking for a place to buy it, where they ship to Norway, EU.

sorry for my broken English.



You can order the same or a 2LB spring(about twice as stiff as the current spring in the TE) and replace it and GamerFinger G2 buttons are the most silent from my experience and reviews, Silent Sanwas are pretty quiet too and cost less than the G2’s but not as silent.
If you want SFV for PS4 then pray it works with PS3 sticks like USFIV on PS4 does or you’ll need to padhack or buy a PS4 stick like the Mad Catz TE2, Hori V Hayabusa etc, they also won’t come with anything silent, as far as I know the only silent stick that was for sale not too long ago was the Hori V Silent Hayabusa and probably sold out everywhere.


Real Arcade Pro V. Silent Hayabusa for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3:

RAP4 Kai:

I’m currently using the RAP4 Kai… until my GiantSword arrives! No issues. Some dislike the Kuro buttons which are easy enough to swap to preference.