Suggestions for other games to play


I’ve recently caught the bug for playing 3S, and one of the things I really love about it is that in the oki game, nothing is guaranteed as there is an option for everything you do. You can block, tech, reversal, super, or parry your way out, and good offense is on the player attacking to make the right call. Playing something like AE, there are far fewer options to get out and not many are truly viable options.

But with that being said, are there any games that are similar in the aspect that for every option on offense, there is an option on defense that I could be playing along with 3S?


If you like playing 3S, then play 3S.
It’s a good game.


3s is a game I never played as much, just casuals from time to time. Back then I was in my forget capcom/sf , kof is so much more fun phase. I really wish I had gotten into. Probably a bit late in the game to get into and enjoy.
Don’t know of any other fighters with similar system as 3s.


I’d suggest Garou:Mark Of The Wolves.


3s is enough


Why not CvS2 with K and P grooves?


I’ll vouch for CVS2. You can play any playstyle you want in that game. Might not be as effective as tier-whoring it out with A-grooves, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun.


Yeah Garou or even a KOF game. KOF has evasion rolls and different jumps, so you can go through fireballs and jump so your opponent doesnt know where youll be and get away with it. I like 98 the most.


Not sure im following but as some have said befor. Garou is something to look at as its usually view as 3s rival.

it quality ios bad but this shows you garou at high play [/details]

Their is also number games attempt to emulate 3s with few changes to devaint it self.
For Pc you have Akastuki Blitzkapmf




For Ps3 and Xbox360 I also recommend
Battle Fantasia


Phatom breaker Extra