Suggestions for possible future DLC (Costumes/Characters/etc)

So with the klassic costumes coming out soon, I’d say it’s about time to discuss costumes that we could suggest for the future. If you wanna explain why you think a certain costume should be made, feel free, it couldn’t hurt. If you have a picture to help you describe the look you are going for, feel free to post it.
Anyway, here was my post from the thread on TYM regarding this:

Although he’s been done in previous games, I’d like to see Smoke in a redone cyborg ninja form. Same as how they re designed the new versions of Cyrax and Sektor.

Would be nice to have all 4 Lin Kuei ninjas in their cyborg versions.

I want damn near all the MK1-MK4 designs, and as far as character DLC goes…Rain + MK4 characters only. :coffee:

Here’s one. A costume for the girls where there ISN’T full cleavage showing, and they’re wearing something decent.

^ This ^
Because seriously, who’s gonna fight to the death wearing…well, practically nothing? Lol. You’d think the women of MK would want to protect themselves a bit more.

Also, Cyber Smoke, Cyber Reptile(from Challenge Tower), Cyber Scorpion(hell, why not?)

I want for Sub-Zero to become Shredder again. It’s my favorite SZ design.

Honestly, I did like that design for Sub-Zero lol Agreed!

Quan Chi MK4 outfit, please.

Also Motaro boss battle.


I’d **definately **buy the Sub-Zero Shredder/Deception-Outfit as DLC, but it had to come with a new Fatality as well! :smiley:

Gotta love the “Oh yeah”-fist at the end

I’d even get the Aged Unmasked Outfit from Deadly Alliance as DLC!

Edited title of the thread so this can be a general DLC Suggestion thread.

General DLC now eh? Alright, here we go:
[]A Lumber Mill Stage so I can throw someone in a woodchipper or lay them out on a conveyer belt to get sawn in half(crotch first, preferably)
]A Slaughterhouse Stage so I can toss someone in a meatgrinder(or even slowly lower them into it so I can enjoy watching them turn to hamburger)
[]Motaro boss battle(as mentioned before)
]Cyber Reptile, Cyber Smoke, Cyber Scorpion, and Rain
[*]Puzzle Kombat
Think that covers it for now

With more General DLC I would like to see the following

[]An added story chapter that covers the events of Mythologies: Sub-Zero
]More klassic stages. I’ll love to see the Warrior Shine stage from MK1 back
[]Make the bosses playable and balanced for competitive play

Meat… that is all
Or Mocap, that’ll annoy the fanboys haha

More story
Puzzle Kombat

Yeah your on point with all those suggestions. Although I havent seen all the arcade endings for characters, I would love to see either the older more well trained Johnny Cage, or just him in that outfit. Ninja mime is cool too.