Suggestions for psx to neogeo controllers

Hi guys, does anyone have any suggestions on how i would go about using a playstation controller on a db-15 neo geo controller port?
I’ve seen some converters such as one made by Laugh and was unsure on how it worked.
Would i still need a kick harness if i were to use a converter?


the cheapest and bestest way is FGwidget converter

just some soldering and you win <3

Neo Geo doesn’t use a controller PCB, it’s all direct input (on-off).

Neo-Geo’s used DA-15. Technically, DB connectors are the wide, 25 pin ones.

We did something funny when I was growing up, it was called learning to use the controllers of each system we needed to play on.

I think what he means is that the Neo Geo pad doesn’t use an encoder on it’s PCB. So you should be able to solder directly onto the pad from the PSX pad. I did this for a Neo Geo to Xbox 360 adapter. See HEREfor help.

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There are at least options available:
etokki (laugh’s) converter, the Tototek converter, and the FGW Converter. But, I dont think anyone can give you truly helpful advice without a much better idea of your setup, what you have to work with, and what you’re trying to accomplish. If you can provide better details including pictures, we can be of more help.

I was thinking of getting a Vogatek Supergun MK V

I wonder how i would go on about playing 6 button cps2 games on the 4 button db-15 neo geo slots.
I assume i would still need a kick harness but i am not too sure about how to setup the controllers.

I have no information on how the Vogatek handles kick harness games. Im sure it could be done, but there’d be a little hackery involved at least. It might be worth your time to find a supergun that had more direct support for kick harness games. Best place to immerse yourself with info on it would probably be here:
But to be honest, if you just want to play CPS2, keep in touch undamned and his UD-CPS2 project. It would be a TON easier than a supergun setup.

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: