Suggestions for Subscriptions

The last comic book I bought was in 1997. It was an X-Men comic that I can’t recall the name of. Anyway, I’m looking to get back into comic reading and I’d like a few suggestions.

I’m heavily biased toward Marvel but I enjoy all types of comics. I’m curious about the street fighter comics and I’m also interested in the latest creations that are good.

What would you guy’s suggest? (Or what else do you need to know to help make suggestions?)

The SF comics are on hiatus until the Summer while Udon works on the HD SF game. There’s four TPBs that collect everything if you want to check those out. I’m fairly sure Udon doesn’t do subscriptions (or at least they never mentioned it here during their modding tenure IIRC) only Pre-Orders via comic book shops. So you’d have to wait about 3 months prior for it to show up in Previews, Spring 2008 at best.

Udon’s been translating several SF manga from Japan so you may want to check those books out. All of them have had influence on the video games from creating Karin, Evil/SNH Ryu, designing Gouken and so on. There’s SF2 (one book is out), SF Zero (both books are out), Sakura Ganbaru! (both books are out) and SF3 Ryu Final (one book is out).

X-Men is still going strong and after Messiah Complex they are doing their regular ‘big ass crossover just ended so this is a good jumping into point’ ordeal. Both Uncanny by Brubaker and X-Men by Carey are really good.

On the DC end, All Star Superman and Detective Comics (ONLY when Paul Dini writes it) are both really good and very new reader friendly.

Some other gems out there I haven’t mentioned. If possible, I suggest either going to a comic book shop and seeing what is that you like, or even book stores that carries TPBs that lets you sit there and read material for free before you make any decisions. Just so you know what the artists / writers are like prior to comitting to anything.

Are there some sites that give good deals on subscriptions? I used to spend at least 15$ worth every Wednesday. Now I want to get into Marvel again. I just need to know where to start!

Don’t know about special deals but you can go here for Marvel subscriptions. With a regular subscription you save some money.

Here’s some for you:

Avengers:The Initiative

New Avengers

Captain America

X-men Emperor Vulcan

Some of these require reading some of the trade paperbacks in order to get the current storylines but for the most part those are my picks.

You can’t go wrong with Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, and New Avengers.

I dunno, with the Civil War and WWH and Messiah Complex, you should try and read back-issues before you try and get into anything right now.

Series that don’t heavily-address events you really have to check out are probably Avengers: The Initiative, The Immortal Iron Fist, Punisher MAX, Daredevil, Iron Man: Director of SHIELD and Amazing Spider-Man (they’re all good, btw). Otherwise, you should read Civil War #1-7, then read Brubaker’s Captain America.

Which of these require back story knowledge? I’m looking at the New Avengers books pretty closely (thanks to my personal intrest and you and Shinkuur agreement), but I don’t want to have to back track too much just to jump in. I litterally have no idea where the story is right now.

Also , Sano, I think I want to jump into the X-Men Crossover too. Which book do I sart with?

Thanks… I’ll seach this one (Iron Man: Director of SHIELD)

Well for X-men Emperor Vulcan i would read Deadly Genesis and The Rise and Fall of the Shiar Empire.

Avengers the Initiative you can get by just reading the main Civil War #1-7. Alot of the Initiative stuff gets explained especially with the Annual issue that came out a month ago.

this is probably most ideal if you don’t want to back track stuff :slight_smile:

also probably my favorite ongoing run at the moment, though it’s not really for the light stomached (has some gore and swearing in it)

Is there a subscription to Cilvil War 1-7?

it’s out in a trade now, careful finding it within the tons of other civil war crossover trades, the main one will say Civil War on it and nothing else :slight_smile:

(also the back cover lists which issues are in it and it’ll say Civil War #1-7)

The trade is pretty new and is still in most stores

Is it order-able online?

Also, I’m assuming these are pretty short/easy reads too…

yeah you can find it online at

The issues are pretty action packed and sets up alot of the new titles that are out now.

Well for New Avengers, the first page of the first issue explains what happened in Avengers Dissassembled so you won’t need to read that, but there are some things you can read to fill in those little questions you have (like who the fuck is Spider-Woman, why is Spidey living in Avengers tower, why does he switch to that Iron Man-esqe armor, why is Echo so bad ass, etc). For every thing else though, you can read it straight though and not be lost except for the Civil War parts, and if you’re gonna get that anyway(which you should), you’ll be straight.

For X-Men stuff, I started with House of M and worked my way up. Its not the greatest event, but since its linked to Avengers Dissassembled you’ll have a common starting point with New Avengers.

Lamewad appears to be the only person here on point: Immortal Iron Fist. Everything else can wait.

Ok. Looks like I’m between New Avenegers Civil War #1-7 and somewhere in between the X-Men Crossovers. Leaning toward avengers.

To take Lamewad and Dscythe’s advice I’d need a specific starting point with Ironman Director of SHIED. I’ve never read ANYTHING on Iron Fist. I like his character but I’d struggle to tell you his real name.

I guess I want to go online choose the particular comic to start from and go from there.

dude, when it relaunches soon, get Criminal by Brubaker. seriously, get it. And while you;re at it, pick up the first two trades aswell.

Ninja Edit

why the hell as no one mentioned Invincible, by far the best suoerhero title out there right now. And why has no one mentioned Ellis’ Thunderbolts. You guys suck.

Advice taken.

I don’t know which writters to look out for or anything. Theres so much out there that’s why I figured I’d get suggestions from here.

What is “Criminal”?

Criminal is a noir title by Brubaker, one of the top writers in the industry. It’s no cape stuff but old school crime noir in comic format. It’s insanely entertaining and well written. It won two Eisner awards for best writer and best new series (Eisner awards are like the Oscars of comics)