Suggestions for Time Attack mode?

So someone on Speed Demos Archive is currently working on a Time Attack run of this game, but he doesn’t really know a lot about fighting games. He’s been using PTX thus far, and I find it hard to believe there aren’t better team combinations out there. Thing is, I don’t know much about the US version either and was wondering if you guys had any ideas.

Frank West looks good to me since his bullshit kills pretty quickly, but what about a partner? You’d probably want a good DHC to finish, right? And since this is vs. CPU, can we assume Baroque won’t matter much?

Thanks in advance!

On any difficulty lower then 5-6 stars PTX’s infinite grab loop works pretty flawlessly. Or just learn the basic wall-bounce + spinning exhaust combo. You can finish anyone pretty quick with that.

Or just learn a bnb with Tekkaman and then Crash Interlude away with Tekkaman Blade.

He’s playing on the default difficulty, so that probably means the grab loop would work?

But yeah that 2x Tekkaman idea sounds cool, I’ll let him know. Thanks!

Does the difficulty even matter in Survival? Maybe it’s just me but I didn’t notice Survival being more challenging when I moved from 1 star to 6 stars. The AI definitely improves as your streak gets longer though. The computer doesn’t breakaway from PTX’s grab in the matches early on but they do as you progress. I also noticed that the AI didn’t really use many supers on my PTX until battle 30 and beyond.