Suggestions for Udon's Street Fighter comic

Btw I think it’s a very good comic, offering good explanations for SF mysteries. My problem with it is that I wait a very (yes I said it) long time to get these comics. And the comic is great then five minutes later. Its over. I think too much of the Rival schools previews and stuff is taking away from what SF fans want to see. Sorry we already know about megaman, rival schools, darkstalkers, etc. comics. If we wanna know more I’m sure they will find a way to get them, maybe like include a one page picture of all these comics or something. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. You’ve done a great job and taken a whole lot responsibility in bringing back the SF insaneness that dominated for so many years. There has been several set backs with time issues, but that is understandable, however, the comics can be finished way too quick.


I gotta agree with Ohayo1234 here. You guys are doing a great job cross-promoting 9872398472343 different things, but most of those products aren’t even gonna be out for months. So it feels like we’re just losing SF comic space to marketing. I’m actually enjoying the Rival Schools stuff, but i’d much rather pay a few bucks extra to get the Rival Schools comic than to have it taking up pages in the SF issue. We buy Street Fighter comics to see Street Fighter characters (and Sakura standing around next to Kyosuke doesn’t count).

Don’t take this the wrong way. You guys are doing an awesome job with what you’re actually releasing. But the more exciting you make the SF comic, the more it sucks when the issue ends and we gotta wait over a month for the next installment.

Btw, udoneko, please check your PM’s.

Raw Editions, which cost 12.95 (or 14.95 in udonclub’s website) should, like… have decent paper. That kind of paper isn’t worth 2.99, let alone 12.95!

If it’s a bonus, or “thanks”, it’s a very bad one. Specially when you pay the price of FOUR regular issues for it.

It’s kind of ironic, i guess, because i dropped the regular comic but picked up the RAW… And it actually put me off even more Udon.

I’m curious, now that the Rival Schools preview is over, what will become of those extra pages?

I like ohayo’s idea of using a page or two to market the other books. These pages could have the link to your preview site and the have your comic previews there. This way people who want to view the previews can and it does not take extra space in the SF book.

Overall, you guys are doing a great job and people are noticing. Newsarama has a recent article on SFs success in sales.

So…with only three days left in the month January and Rival Schools is yet to be released…I’m gonna say…Udon should change the website to “February 2006”

well i’m sure the rival schools part is only to advertise the upcoming comic. rival schools doesn’t have a large fanbase as street fighter does so it needs help - besides, i can’t imagine anyone being a street fighter fan not also being interested in rival schools.

they are pretty much in the same universe and time after all. despite what capcom says.


i’ve not long been collecting the new street fighter comics they kinda snuck on to the shelves in the uk without me realising until issue 7. I gotta say what i’ve seen i like the only thing i’d change is the number of covers

If i was rich i’d increase the number of covers because they are damn cool but i ain’t so please don’t release so many covers i’ve spent well over £100 on just 20 of the cover variants and with the number of covers well over 70 its gonna cost me an arm and a leg and drive me insane trying to find all them covers

i know i could easily buy the tpb’s and have done with it but i’m a streetfighter collector its an addiction i need them all

keep up the delays though please it been giving me some more time to find some of the older issues i’m missing before my bank account is drained by the new issues

and to completely contradict everything i have just said how about some covers of bison’s doll agents

i know udon want to do power foil covers up to issue 50 for all the different characters which will cover juli and juni and there has already been one for cammy so will there be individual powerfoil’s for the rest of the dolls? if not any chance of a cover depicting them all?

Read slower then. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be that I want to see Ryu with another clothes other than his trademark Gi, I feel the comic tries to be realistic with other characters giving them other than their gameplay clothes so I would like that with Ryu as well, like he did in the Tokuma comics, if anybody remember Ryu usually had blue jeans, a pair of (convers like) shoes an a white T-shirt but always kept the headband on and used his Gi while fighting. Other than that I’m loving eveything else.

Personaly from what ive seen lately its been looking pretty sloppy art wise. shrug I dunno im not a huge fan of the comic or anything so take my opionons with a grain of salt I guess. But I dunno… When I first saw the comic first few issues I dunno I thought it looked pretty good from the bit I saw. But now when ever I look at the pics they just look kinda sloppy and ugly at times… maybe its just me. shrug

I dunno maybe drawing to fast or something lately… slow down take some more time maybe… Everything just seems exaggerated and off body wise.

Hey Udon,

do use that red dress of ChunLi from her reaction to Demitri’s midnight bliss from SVC Chaos.

It is one more outfit for our beautiful girl…

a lot of the artwork i like the main story is great the power foils are great but some of the guest artists some of their stuff is shit like sf2 issue 2 cover b and the art for the side story were just bland its alright having art like that for the cheap shots stuff because their light hearted but when you look at some of the other more detailed pieces in the series it just looks like a piece of homework done on the bus on the way to school