Suggestions on surround sound reciever

I know somewhere like AVSforum has more information but there’s such a wealth of info there it’s hard to know where to start.

I’m thinking of upgrading my surround sound receiver in the foreseeable future. The current one I have is some old Sherwood thing I got before a local electronics store went out of business.

The features I want most is the ability to handle 3 or more optical/toslink connections,and the ability to drive at least 5 100 watt speakers. I’d like to be able to drive higher wattage speakers and possibly have 7.1 support, though I won’t conceivably have a 7.1 setup for some time. I’m willing to buy refurbished, and I’d like to keep the cost below $250.00.

Any suggestions on a good receiver or place to look for one?

Edit: I don’t want to rout HDMI through this as I fear that could introduce lag. So that’s not an important feature.