Suggestions/Tips for making avatars suitable size for SRK

Hello again, Mish-Mash

I need some tips for making GIF avatars suitable size for regular members here on SRK; I have a great avatar I want to give someone, but it’s much too big for it to be sported.
Are there any suggestions or tips for making it smaller while retaining its quality?

shatta suggests:
[list][*]Frames: this is the most important thing to consider when making a avatar especially when it’s a non-premium avatar. cutting frames is the best solution, but of course you can play with the settings in your optimizing table in IR (ImageReady). a Premium avatar can use a lot of frames, if you know what you’re doin’, but dont try to use that same amount in a non prem. avatar. a non prem. av should have no more than 5-8 frames. the most a prem. av can use is up to 14-16 frames or even more considering what/how you want the av to be.

[*]Optimize that shyt down: Most av’s are using sprites as there main source of pictures and to best optimize this type of avatar is to use “no dither”. In some cases, this can drop file size down a lot. regarding animated gifs, like the ones i make in the gif thread, should’nt use no dither. diffusion is the best option (dose’nt kill the picture quality).

[*]Colors: More the colors are used, the bigger the file size. dropping an image from 256 to 128 can be a big help, but mostly this is considering how many diffrent colors are present in a avatar. sometimes, a av only has no more than 64 colors so…

Make it all black and white.

Like so…

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