Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2.5.5 "Noob Tourney" Results Held on 20090411


Platform: PlayStation 2
Date: 20090411
Location: SugarMilkTea’s Home
Format: 7man Double Elimination

Participants (Standings):
Xlenz (1)
SMT (2)
Kelong (3)
Farp (4)

Thanks all for participating. It was great playing with everyone and i can see everyone have potential to be great players in the future!

Tourney Playlist



Winner Bracket

Loser Bracket

Qualifier Rounds:

Winner Bracket

Loser Bracket


Nice matches…
How come the lag seems way less!
Is that really on a PS2?
From where I hear the sound it seems like a computer hooked up to a TV?
Also, if you’ve been following the angry thread, it’s become evident that it’s not 2.6 sadly, but 2.5b or something, because none of the 2.6 changes are there.
It’s more like 2.5 with some bug fixes (except it added some more bugs according to canonsnk.)


it’s on my ps2. That’s my ps2 that’s being hooked up to the tv.
There’s lag i can assure you. you can hear me screaming lag while arcana is being used and such lol…


Siblade I dunno about you, but i watched one minute of the finals, and I saw a ton of lag…



after watching those matches i can’t decide if would rather secondary Heart or Lilica <3


agree! :frowning:

You shld sec lilica cause she has imba j.E! :looney:


haha ya i can tell.