Suicide Jumper on my Work Building!

I leave work at 4:30pm and some dude is looking to jump off the 19th floor!!

Mad Crazy!! I hope I can make my EVO flight!

Hope they can talk the guy out of it.

I hope so to. The guy climbed 19 floors!!

We have a spideyman on our hands in the downtown Mil-town!

Dude is going to get arrrested.

Man Free Climbs Building At 6th, Wisconsin - Milwaukee News Story - WISN Milwaukee

I guess this is just a stunt and not a suicide.

You are right. Looks like the climb was a prank of some sort.

But Damn, I would have been mad freaked if I saw some dude climb past my window. LOL!!!

Crazy False Alarm!

was he wearing a ninja uniform and carrying a machete?

Dude should have slipped, fell, and gotten impaled on Old Glory for wasting tax payers time and money. Ass to mouth, the same way
I like my porn.

Ask him hows the view up there.

Someone did this at my work last year and actually jumped. I didn’t see it though.

Fucking clownshoes just want attention.

Where do/did you work last year?

some dude jumped off the top of a parking structure at a movie theatre i used to work at during business hours. fucking splat on the ground during the day with people walking by minding their own business.

State Office Building. Here’s a picture with my edits to show how far she jumped (pic is from 1987, but not much has changed). (balcony is on the 8th floor)

News story