Suicide note of a Guantanamo Bay Prisoner

Here’s a suicide letter from Guantanamo Bay Prisoner. It gives a little insight into what a lot of prisoners who are being detained there feel. Remember that most of them are detained despite their innocence.


Obtained through FOIA

I’m wondering why we’re even giving them the chance to kill themselves.

We should be doing it for them.

pure class above me, folks.

I agree with spudly

cant help but be reminded of Big Bob

It’s almost as if they were trying to make America an evil empire.

that’s pretty sad =(

Sounds to orchestrated.

I love it when criminals complain about their current conditions and cry out for their rights. Remember the rights of others that you violated to get here? No? That’s a shame. Die in a hole.

Sigh, stupidity yet again shows no bounds.

I agree, but to some people there’s no difference between a suspect and a criminal.

I find it funny how much faith some people have in the “system”.

As if everyone that gets arrested or detained has it coming.

What a magical, wonderful system filled with rainbows and unicorns it is!

i lol’d. i also think it’s fake and even if it’s not, who gives a fuck. people write suicide notes all the damn time, bitching about shit. there are so many americans in state & federal prisons right getting their rights violated yet no one gives a fuck and about “jumah”? fuckoutta here. why wouldn’t this guy say where’s he’s supposedly from anyway?

Guantanamo Bay
current conditions

Put these in a Google search and get back to us.

Seriously. How many American soldiers committed suicide this month?

And we’re supposed to feel bad for somebody in JAIL?

In jail for being a terrorist?

Well forgive me if the world seems just a teeny bit brighter with one less terrorist in it.

  1. Someone who was never convicted of a crime was held indefinitely in prison and tortured. The fact that this is a bad thing should go without saying.
  2. There is no logical reason to hate these prisoners because their cause is getting attention. If you care so much about soldier suicides (which are usually downplayed in the media because nobody wants to point out how going to war can affect someone) and people who were wrongfully imprisoned (because most people hold full-faith in the legal system for no good reason), we can always make a thread about that.

You haven’t been here long.

I could tell you not to argue with spud and thurst, but I think letting you would teach you that lesson better =/.

cry me a river, he wasn’t just snapped up out of the blue one day. Most likely they had intel on that fucker doing stupid shit, fuck him and his letter.


  1. When did a trial actually make somebody less guilty? Even if he did have a right to one, he’d be found guilty just like the other terrorists that were foolishly given one, and then sentenced to a term that’s probably going to extend well past the “indefinitely” mark. Oh, and what would possibly make you say he was tortured?

  2. Oh, well, it’s not like there’s any other reason to hate him, so I guess you’re right.

I hate these letters, everyone has them, they all say the same damn thing, “bitter, rage, sadness, unfairness,” they all sound like the Virginia Tech guy’s words, and shows how these people, who are horrible people, try to make us feel bad for them even though they are criminally insane.