Suicide note of a Guantanamo Bay Prisoner


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I shouldn’t have laughed at that.

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I think before anyone draws any conclusions on whether or not this guy is a terrorist, guilty, not guilty , or what have you, we should try do some research about this (Which I’ve been doing). For those quick to jump on the wagon of “HE’S IN PRISON HE’S GUILTY!” remember that Guantanamo Bay is illicit for jailing people for indefinite periods of time without proper trials or anything.

while i would normally agree that terrorists don’t deserve any rights, quite a few innocent people have been wrongfully detained and tortured by the US. this is exactly why due process exists. if they are guilty beyond doubt, then torture them. otherwise, its fucked up and wrong.

“War is Hell” ?

I can’t say for certain that I know what goes on there, but I do know several guys who’ve been stationed in Guantanamo.

There may have been torture in the past, hell even in the present, but it’s kind of biased to look at it from either side.

Torturing innocent people = bad sure, but how can one be sure someone is innocent? Is the guy who routinely throws his own feces and urine on you guilty? Is the guy who acts like a saint in custody innocent? Of course these things still do not merit torture, nor am I condoning it.

Put yourselves in the guard’s shoes as well before you make an educated decision… Not directed to you fish but everyone, myself included.

Lol at ignorant ass people assuming everyone in Guantanamo is guilty.
Post 9/11, they deported and detained a ton of people without due process. My friend got shit from the authorities tons of times at airports and other places just for being brown.

If you’re not sure, you shouldn’t fucking torture people. It’s not like you can come around later and go “Oh, sorry, we fucked up. Don’t mind the fact that you’re probably mentally and physically scarred for life now.” Hell, even when some of these guys are released sometimes, they get no compensation, and they end up with tons of expenses from all the time they were in jail instead of working.

People will do crazy things when they’re confined. If somebody took you away from your friends and family and kept you in custody for months without giving you a trial or even telling you why, wouldn’t you go a little batshit? When people are kicking the shit out of you for information you ** know** you don’t have. That’s gonna fuck you up.

I thought that not torturing innocent people equaled not torturing people who’s guilt was uncertain.

Any way you look at it, torturing isn’t acceptable. When I tell folks to put theirselves in guard’s shoes, it doesn’t mean rationalizing unjustly torturing people lol.

My condolences to your brown friend.

Wasn’t spuddly known to be a complete joke years ago?

Anyway, just imagine for a moment, really imagine, being locked up in solitary confinement with nothing to do, nobody to see, just four blank walls. Imagine it going on for months and years.

Now on top of that imagine that you are being held under those conditions and you are innocent of what you are charged. Fuck the matter of who exactly is or isnt innocent, because we don’t even have proper trials going on at this joke of a camp, so just imagine what that would feel like to be one of the innocent held there.

Sucks dont it?

What I do not understand, however, is how this guy can still believe in his just and merciful Allah while being treated so shittily. Ify ou have no contact with any human beings, wouldn’t you be praying to God every damn minute of your life for help? And you’d be met with complete silence and no help. Well fuck that then, he should just start telling the guards “ok look, fine, you’ve fucked the Muslim out of me. Okay? I get it. Can I fucking go now?”

^ why do prisoners turn to religion in the first place. because they feel thats all they have. no matter what someone does to that person if you have faith i guess it can’t be taken away from you unless you deicide to turn on your faith.

i’m not religious at all but if it helps someone get thru the day then more power to em.

some of the people posting on here are really fucking stupid. all you have to do is watch msnbc to witness the fact that innocent people go to jail all the time. so why couldn’t it happen there where those people are not even giving a trail to prove that they are not guilty

Red: You’re gonna fit right in. Everyone in here is innocent, you know that? Heywood, what you in here for?
Heywood: Didn’t do it. Lawyer fucked me.

That’s all fair enough, but it obviously didn’t help him get through the day, did it? In fact, it might have encouraged him to kill himself (that talk of his soul leaving his body).

Did he succeed by the way? I mean, how could he have done it under such high surveillance?

a little too late? lol jokes…

I don’t buy it. It doesn’t shock me that once someone brings up a big ol’ sob story to you that all of a sudden you guys jump on the pity wagon. I do not agree with torture and wrongful imprisonment but I am not gonna suddenly preach about how America sucks without hearing the whole story.

Due process is for bitches.

No surprise there.

It makes me sick to think of all the people out there who should kill themselves but don’t.

We’ll see you later.

Was someone banned and I missed it?

I’m actually really really surprised by the number of people who don’t know about all the innocents that got scooped up and thrown into GitMo.

there are innocents in there but they do not out number the we got caught doing shit crowd.