Suicide note of a Guantanamo Bay Prisoner

The character he was talking to was jailed on purely circumstantial evidence, and the movie strongly hints that he may be innocent.

So, yeah. Irony.

Once again another voucher to file away in my “Thankfully these SRK kids will never be in any position of influence or power, otherwise I’d be scared” bin.



dude, if you are innocent and being tortured, you will say whatever your tormentors want so they’ll stop torturing you. that’s why there is due process. to determine guilt. innocent before proven guilty? one of the founding principles of the united states?

put yourself in an innocent person’s shoes. you’re suffering 24/7 and no one is standing up for you. the only company you have are trolls like spudly who assume you are guilty without any due process, despite there having been numerous cases of the US incompetently detaining and torturing innocent people.

its easy for you to say war is hell because you are white and will never ever be put into that kind of situation. if you were from the middle east, you’d have a whole different view on things, especially if you were locked up for no good reason with no chance of ever being released. all because of the color of your skin. not cool at all. i’d rather every single terrorist get due process than one innocent man be wrongly tortured.

Why am I so easily amused?!

A lot of these guys remind me of Tom from Boondocks, who would gladly send someone to prison and write them off. Then they wonder how they too end up getting fucked by the system in the end even though they supported it blindly all along.

I find it amusing that you say something as stupid as this and have the temerity to have the stars and stripes in your avatar. For shame, sir.


This is partial redemption for him not winning the Dumbest Poster award.


I don’t think being incarcerated and tortured are the same things. I can also assure you that every prisoner in Guantanamo isn’t being tortured.

Again, I never condoned torture! Torture is again NEVER acceptable, and it’s actually ILLEGAL (and has been regardless of a few rogue fucks who did otherwise) under current American military law. Perhaps I made a mistake by telling people to put themselves in a guard’s position. That doesn’t warrant a legitimate reason to start torturing people! I was only trying to explain that you can be a guard and actually have morals and justice and NOT torture people, while still holding (possibly) guilty or innocent detainees in your control.

Of course, because I’m white, I have no idea what basic human rights are, and being in the military I’m a bigot who promotes torture. Please. To tell me that I’m white so I’ll never understand is rather offensive.

And “War is Hell” is only a coined phrase explaining that war is full of atrocities. It doesn’t mean “HEY DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!”.

I hope the government comes to your house, arrests you, then executes you without any due process of law or any evidence that you did anything remately close to anything that warrants execution.

you’re totally right, who gives a fuck if we ruin someone’s life off a guess, who didn’t deserve that shit

How can you be in the military and have no idea how things actually work?

Even if torture is illegal under American law, guess why they made the detainee camp in Cuba? Is it to get away from American law? Nah, couldn’t be.

Secondly, do you think soldiers in the military get to second guess their orders when it conflicts with their morals and justices? “Go on this mission and kill anyone you see.”, “Nah, that is against my morals.” Enjoy your court-martial.


Being given excessive periods of solitary confinement and sensory deprivation would classify, I’d have thought.

Well seeing as how I’ve never been to Guantanamo I probably know about as much as you guys… not very much.

And actually, soldiers in the military DO get to second guess their orders when the orders are not humane or do not follow rules of war. As a matter of fact, the higher-ups risk their careers by telling their soldiers to do carry out illegal orders. If you follow on orders that are against the law, you and the higher official issuing those orders are subject to penalty.

You sir do have a great point. It is hard for me to determine where long and uncertain incarceration becomes torture. Sensory deprivation is indeed torture.

Not to sound like a jerk but when you’re at contemplating suicide stage, you aren’t thinking clearly… because you are contemplating suicide.

On the topic of commiting suicide; that’s actually strictly prohibited in the Islamic faith. Although, I can understand the reasons why people do it, especially in this particular circumstance.

p.s; what’s with all the trolls on srk?

With no Rep bar, everyone has been let loose.

it is not ok to hold guilty or innocent people under your control if they have not received due process. the reason we have due process is so that we do not wrongfully imprison people, let alone torture them. the white person comment was a facetious jab. the fact of the matter is a lot of people don’t see the problem with illegally detaining people, because such a situation would never occur to them. no white person will ever be illegally detained, but plenty of arabs will. asians don’t face that risk now, but the japs did in WW2. history doesn’t change. i’m sure the white people back then didn’t see the problem with illegally detaining japs with no due process either, because they would never be illegally detained themselves.

i’d love nothing more than if some of these republican dbags were incorrectly found guilty of terrorism and tortured and waterboarded, they’d sure change their tune real fast. hell if spudly were tortured that’d be hilarious.

Internet intellectual. Comes by to tell us we’re stupid yet has no reasons or thoughts of his own. Don’t make me laugh.

I care very little for the treatment of criminals. Sorry.

I don’t think not being of sound mind follows automatically from being suicidal. I think it can be the most logical conclusion for some people. For instance, people in almost constant physical pain or distress, or who have been paralysed for so long (and without the finances of the likes of Hawking) they’ve lost interest in life. I mean the kinds of euthanasia cases who fly out to Switzerland. This guy doesnt seem so different.

As you say yourself, “I can understand the reasons why people do it”

All the more reason he should have added a “PS. and FUCK God, for he is not real” to his letter.

I’m not saying I don’t sympathise with the guy (what I’ve posted shows I obviously do), I just can’t understand how faith can sometimes outlive the person.

I mean, I have my own views on what would actually solve a lot of global conflict, and it involves a war on religion, but literally a war of ideas and debate, and also a war which targets ALL religion (which is obviously why the USA is reluctant to engage in such a conflict. Just leave it to General Dawkins over here…)

Perhaps you are right. But, we are making judgements about one person based on one letter -which is not enough information for any sort of diagnoses at all (I studied psychology)

Lol, well I have no intention of getting into a debate about the wrongs and rights of religion (I am religious myself) - especially not on SRK. But I think in this person’s case he may have indeed just given up on God and that was what led him to commiting suicide. Again we don’t have to full story, just one letter.

Unfortunately the republican party and other conservatives are primarily the Americans who have ruined our image around the world. I definitely agree with you on that. I can proudly say that I am not a republican nor do I usually agree with their beliefs.

I’m sure that there are innocent people who are being detained and/or tortured not only in Cuba but around the world, and of course it’s never acceptable. Looking back I think my only purpose was trying to explain that not everyone there is a killer or tyrant. And yeah steps should be taken to eliminate illegal incarcerations and torture. I know for a fact that if I were stationed as a guard in Guantanamo, I wouldn’t have the slightest hesitation in refusing to carry out an illegal order. If you consider yourself a good soldier, shit even a decent human being, it is your responsibility to do just that.