Suits at EVO~

So it seems some people wanna rock suits / blazers at EVO, when in Rome and all that.

Who else is up for it?

Should we do it on Saturday or Sunday?

Or is this like just three people and not much more up for it?

Speak up!


I choose Sunday, but I might wear it Saturday night if there’s a nighttime event or such. And then on to the TABLES.

LET’S DO IT! sat or sun…doesn’t matter.

I’ll be sportin a suit most of the time regardless.

chibi dresses like a gigalo :lovin: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: WHY NOT!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!:looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney:

Damn right :D!

poll added

Thank you FMJ :D!

Peeps gonna be the corporation n shit! lol
Suits for me nah the question is who’s gonna Rock NWO and DX shit! :slight_smile:
I’ll have on my NWO Black and White more than likely!
“Rules and Bones are made to be broken”

"The “Clique” will be at Evo!

This is an awesome idea. I love it and will be sportin the suit on Sunday.

I think its a good idea, but suits get hot really quick, so do blazers sometime, just remember to prepare for that.


I got a suit somewhere around here, I use it for my Forensics Speech and Debate tournaments. They’re HOT!

as good as an idea this is,

i remember rocking a blazer and dress pants last year and i was literally sweating fucking balls…

so i dunno…

summer in vegas surrounded by sweaty dudes pushin up against you (no homo) with a suit on fuuuuuuck that

Welcome to the “I’m a fucking geek/nerd who thinks it’s cool to dress up for a gaming tournament” thread.

Who stickied this crap? I really hope G4 isn’t invited this year, if you thought it was bad last time just wait…you are giving them ammo…

i say saturday. like someone else said we can “FIGHT LIKE GENTLEMEN”

I think the idea is pretty lame.

Almost as lame as saying you’ll be seeding the MvC2 EVO 2K5 dvd on June 10th … and not following thru.

Just wear a bathing suit under a blazer and when your hot take off the blazer.

neverbeen to an evo but this is my first this year…so forreal do people wear suits and stuff and play games??? i guess if i wear a sports jersey i will be looked down on??

Naw, you can wear what you want. But hey try to bust a blazer at least…and if you’re really stuck: