Suits at EVO~

Lol, Nice one.

This is a bad idea for at least 2 reasons.

  1. It’s hot as fuck in Vegas, especially when you are surrounded by tons of dudes who may or may not have showered that morning.

  2. I like my suits. I’m not going to risk ruining one of my suits just to look suave.

As if EVO didn’t suck enough.

Suck enough? It’s kinda strange that a few doods wearing suits for one day can ruin a tournament. And what really was the point of throwing ur 2 cents into a not-so-significant thread about a tournament that you think sucks already? It sounds like you’re not even going…?

:lol: this is all about fun. People seem to think that the whole ‘suit movement’ was ‘started’ because the ‘suit guys’ wanted this to be serious representation of the fighting game community or whatever. No one is forcing you man. Wear what you want. But a blazer would be dope!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

vegas is in the high 90 low 100s in heat :smiley: gl :smiley:

you know, the heat thing… umm what are you gonna be walking around outside for hours? No your probably gonna be indoors in an air conditioned room, watching video games, if you work up a big ole sweat, one that may ruin your suit, your way to fucking fat so go on a diet fatass. Also for people who can’t stand to be outside in the heat for a little while in a suit, what are you gonna do when you get a real job? And you have to come in to work everyday in a suit and tie? You’ll get a lighter suit! You know something made out of light material that breathes.

lol… Were you even at EVO last year?

lets get it straight…

Even at that spacious room at GVR, with all those mother fuckers in there, all the equipment runnning, EVEN WITH THE AC ON, it gets HOT AS FUCK in there. and im a skinny fuck asian guy.

and another thing…
theres a difference between being in the heat for a little while, and basically being in a goddamn 100 degree desert.

Were your suits at night you’ll feel a lot better! the suit thing is lame but to each there own. I wear suits only when required or I feel it’s appropriate.

:lol: not like it matters I’m only coming for casuals and to play in the pools after that it’s off to the tables, clubs, alcohol, and women. :egrin:

God if it’s hot here where I live, it’s going to be hot in Vegas… How do the people in CSI do it?! :rolleyes:

Its funny how like maybe 40 people here are talking about wearing suits when there will be 500+ people. More than half the people will probably be wondering why fuck people are wearing suits at a video game tournament in Vegas.

EVO is T-Minus 2 days away…just a reminder.

Preserve the SEXY and bring your gear and when I say gear I mean PIMP gear AKA SUIT. Rock it on Sunday, Blazers are optional/preferred Friday and Saturday. Good luck to you all, see you in the Finals YEAH I SAID IT.

i dont know how you guys can be thinking of suits when its 200 degrees in vegas right now.