suki cancel

how do you do it?

thank you very much

this is pasted from the site.

Suki Cancelling:

Suki Cancelling is an advanced application of Super Jump Cancelling. There is one condition, however, that makes Suki Cancelling almost completely impractical in real matches. To be able to Suki Cancel there must be something to block on the screen, but your character must not be in block stun, i.e., you must be in a state where if you tap back, you are in block animation but you are not actually blocking anything.

In a practical game situation, this would only occur in a select few situations. For example, if there is a slow moving projectile on the screen (like an air fireball), dashing under Cyclops’ s.HP, or Sentinel’s QCF HK drones. This state can also be achieved by at least two glitches that I am aware of, requiring Ruby Heart or Guile on the other team. With Ruby, QCB + LK, QCF + A2 causes her ghost to fly off screen, giving you ~10 minutes of “Suki state” time to play around with. With Guile on Anti Air assist, QCF + A2, team super (A1 + A2) causes his blades to stay on the screen, giving Suki state as long as the blades remain. Note - these glitches only work on DC/arcade as far as i know, and Guile glitch doesn’t work on some versions. Ruby is easiest and best to work with.

Once you are in Suki state, you can use Super Jump Cancels to do things not possible before. Suki Cancelling takes advantage of the fact that SJ directions have a different start frame. Super Jump up and up/forward’s first frame is jump, and Super Jump up/back’s is block. Because of this, when you SJ cancel up/back while in Suki state, because you are able to block, you never leave the ground. Instead, the move is cancelled directly into the blocking animation. So, because you never leave the ground and you can cancel block animation any time (since you are not actually blocking anything), you can combo moves you wouldn’t normally be able to. Examples of these can be found in the “Meikyousisui” videos by Joo and Yuta, and in my video “The Next Episode” found at Does Suki Cancelling allow for infinites otherwise not possible? Yep. Ironman’s s.HP, Magneto’s s.HK (1 hit) or c.HK, Cammy’s c.HK, Jin’s c.HK, Dhalsim’s c.HK, are all examples of moves that can be repeatedly Suki Cancelled allowing for infinite repetition of these normals. Other normals that inflict a lot of stun can become part of infinite strings also, such as Iceman’s [dash in string, s.HP xx Suki Cancel], repeat, and to some extent Cyclops’ [dash in s.HK (2 hit) xx Suki Cancel], repeat.

There are still some things not understood about Suki Cancel, such as why some characters can dash very soon after their block and others can’t; I’d have thought that it would have been a standard amount of time. Of course why bother with Suki Cancel if you aren’t going to make combo videos? Good question. But Suki Cancel opens the door to what COULD be possible with another technique - SJGC.

thats prolly the best explanation you will get

so suki cancelling isn’t very useful?

i havent seen any professionals making use of it in match videos.

i guess its mainly for show?

thanks alot by the way

yeah, barely anyone uses this in a match. but the people who make the meikyousisui vids and other combo videos use it to make mad infinites—thats pretty much its use in mvc2

its useless

an easy application of this is like… when you fight abyss

when he does that big ass super in his first two forms, just jump over him and when using someone like storm, just press standing roundhouse for the launcher, and hold upback while mashing on HK

it goes for like 7 or so hits of some really fast standing roundhouses and it’s the only application i’ve ever found useful of the trick

ic, good shit ATM. props to you on your sent cable cammy ownage at arcadia vs canada btw… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw that video. Great run. :slight_smile: