Sum New Darkside Stikz

Greetings all,

I’ve been away for awhile, trying to take care of other business but thought I’d bounce in and post a few of my newer stiks. There’s one that you’ll have to go to my site to see, for obvious reasons, it’s the one titled ‘Se7en’.

One is a sanwa and the other is a happ. Lately I’ve been focusing on improving on details in my case designs so I like to make subtle changes in different areas.

Makoto (sanwa)

Monster (happ)

The newest one will have to be seen on my website…

clean, i like the makoto one alot.

Makoto ownz.

Very nice designs.

love the “monster” stick… that anime is so dark, i’m addicted to it ;]

love the curves on the titty stick. and the shape of the makoto is my favourite of your work so far.

Awesome stuff!!!

So what do the 2 extra butons on the titty stick do? Are they L1 & L2?

se7en stick is way dope. your designs just keep getting better and better.

Makoto ownz.

Very nice designs.

love that slim sanwa stick.

I got to build me one of those! I assume you used the sanwa stick blueprints on your site, but shortened the back, front and sides.

would you be able to let us know the measurements? :stuck_out_tongue:

I might make my own with this artwork

hopefully the image wont print out too pixelated

great job



Thanks 4 the feedback everyone.

EJM: You’re right, the two buttons on the back of ‘Se7en’ are L1 & L2, the main reason I put them on this stik is because I play a lot of Guilty Gear and I need those for alternate colors, plus I prefer a 6 button layout over 8.

Ragnafrak: Monster is a great anime, I haven’t seen all of them yet but it’s very good, much more realistic than most of the other stuff I’ve seen.

Kingbuzzo: I haven’t used those blueprints in quite some time, after building so many stiks I don’t really use the same measurements for each one, I kind of guestimate. A very close estimate to get one slim & compact like that would be to take the blueprints from my site and knock an inch off the overall height and width. The main difference in the Makoto stik is that I had to do alot of routing on the inside to get everything to fit, the smaller you go the less room you have to work with. So if you want to make one slim you can either (a) use a metal panel or (b) use wood but be prepared to do some routing. Metal is quicker but the microswitch ‘clicks’ are louder because it’s more hollow, wood will dampen the noise a little (depending on how its built) but it’s all a preference really.

The titty stick looks awesome and the makoto one it’s beautiful,very nice work

An updated version of the Crimson Beauty? Let me know if it ever goes up for grabs… I am in love with the Crimson Beauty I got from you and it fits me like a glove… Top notch work on the new sticks, I’m very impressed.

very nice… making me want you to build me one again. God damn my tastes are too expensive for my own good.

Wow, it’s been a while seen I’ve seen you do a Happ stick…very nice!

Yeah man, that shit is quality like HBO.

WOW I am soooo fucking impressed with that Makoto stick, it’s fucking perfect.

I love how thin it is…man I gotta save up for one, how much do you charge for an exact same model?
[but different artwork/colors/etc.]

Horray for the hentai stick! :tup:


do you do special request or is it just bids on what you make, your sticks are awesome i really wanted that bleach stick you did but bids went too high for me

I do both, I’ll make them at random and do bids and when I have the time I’ll also do special requests. It just depends on my schedule really, since I’m usually working on ‘other’ things as well.