Sum New Darkside Stikz

Well, whenever you start to sell any of the signature editions, let us know because I want one/two in particular.

Truly impeccable work as always. Makes me want to get a router that much more. The only thing that concerns me about the mini case design is the weight of the box. Do you add anything to the interior for weight or are the parts and wood enough during play?

Routers are definitely a good investment, you can do a lot of cool things with them. As far as the weight of the mini cases, I’m always conscious of the weight because of it’s size so there really isn’t an issue there. I’ll usually use a heavy/dense wood with either a steel top panel or bottom, then an antislip matting. They’re fairly heavy for their size.

As far as selling one of the signature stiks, I might be unloading one in the near future, but I’ll be sure to announce it on my site or in this forum if/when I do.