Summer 08 Fight Night Throwdowns - Doylestown, PA- Saturday Weekly Tournaments

UPDATE: starting the week after 6/14 the schedule of events will be moved to Sundays with a start time of 3pm

Aw yea, it’s time. Cyborg One is finally gonna have some tournaments. Confused or need info about Cyborg One? Try this:


Street Fighter III: Third Strike (PS2)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (DC,PS2)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)
Guilty Gear Accent Core (PS2)
King of the Fighters XI (PS2)
Soul Calibur III (PS2)
Capcom vs. SNK 2 (PS2)

These are the main games we will be running for the time being, all on console but we are open to suggestions and will run other games if enough people want them and will show up for them. Bringing your own controllers and sticks is alright too.


Cyborg One
44 Rear East State St.
Doylestown PA 18901

(check link above or the website for directions)


$10 Entry:

$5 Entry:

Prizes will be 60/30/10 for all games and the pot will be in store credit. Cyborg One is a comic book store so we do all kinds of special orders, so what that basically means is that we can get you pretty much anything. If you have anymore questions about that you can post up about it or contact us at the store. (see above link)


We’re running at least two games on each week and they’ll be rotating as we go on, they could be subject to change down the line if we get the demand for another game to be on there, but here is the current schedule of what games are up for each week. Sign ups and casuals go from 6-7pm and we start at 7pm.

5/17 - SSBB ffa, GGAC

5/24 - SSBB 1v1, 3S

5/31 - KOFXI, CVS2

6/7 - SSBB 1v1, GGAC

6/14 - SSBB ffa, ST

6/22 - KOFXI, 3S

6/29 - SC3, CVS2

7/6 - SSBB 1v1, GGAC

7/13 - SSBB ffa, 3S

7/20 - KOFXI, ST

7/27 - SC3, CVS2

8/3 - SSBB 1v1, GGAC

8/10 - SSBB ffa, ST

8/17 - KOF XI, 3S

If these goes well and people want to continue to do these we will expand the schedule past the summer. Here’s hoping!


Most of the games have standard tourney rules, double elimination best 2/3 til finals which is then 3/5, but I’ll also go over whats not allowed just in case.

3S - Gill’s banned.
ST - Akuma’s banned.
GGAC - No extra characters or versions outside of the starting roster.
KOF XI - No console exclusive characters.
SC3 - No create a character.
CVS2- No doubles, no boss characters, no EX grooves.
Smash- 4 stock timed match of 6 mins. Items on LOW with no hammers or stars, Smashballs OK.


(from srk)

  1. iapetus
  2. jms
  3. comeback386
  4. diaper bomb
  5. fire chocobo
    7.frog of fury

I’ll be adding players as we go if u want to sign up ahead of time or just to have a list of players. Again if you have any questions just post up about it here, pm me, or email the store @

Needless to say, I am in.

I’d also like to note that, due to Brawl’s infancy, the rules may change. Still too soon to know what is broken and not.


Count me in for ST on 7/19 :smokin:

more st please :slight_smile:

More ST huh? Anybody else feel this way? I might be able to futz around with the schedule a bit to make that a reality. Also, player list slightly updated.

yeah I could do some filming

and you guys already know I really like ST

i will come for CVS2 on 5/31 with at least one other person. Excited to play some new people! Lets make the rocket go now!

sorry guys, I won’t be around tonight, got a birthday party to attend

GGAC and Brawl today, get on it!

Only a few days away and still no sticky? wtf? this is still going down right?

i may show for cvs2 lol
i suck at it but lets just see how far i get

Is there going to be a decent turnout for this? i’d love to play more people in cvs2 but this is a long drive for a saturday night where i could be having non-video game fun.

Hey Guys, sorry this is on such short notice but i didn’t find this out until recently and i’ve been busy as of late but due to a scheduling conflict at the store with another event in the day it looks like we have to either have cvs2 at 8 or 9pm or its just canceled. I apologize again for anyone who was interested in coming. If you still wanted to come just pm me or reply to the thread or I could also possibly run it on Sunday if enough people were intersted.

just got home a little while ago, have some things to take care of tomorrow that won’t be done by the time the tourney starts, so I’m not gonna be there

I might stop by for one of the SC3 tourneys. Will you be running SC4 when it comes out? (July 29th) I’ll bring my own 360 if needed. I have only 1 stick though.


Updated the schedule a lil bit as we’ve moved Fight Nights from saturdays to sundays and changed the hours of it too. Just giving Everyone the heads up, changes start the week after 6/14.

We don’t really have a SC scene at all. Mainly, we have younger adults who play it to goof off, but no serious comp. However, if you would like to show the way, we’d be happy to witness it.

Just letting you know.

ok so does that mean that this week st tourny is on a sunday and if so what time will it be starting ?

According to the updated schedule this week’s fight night will be held on Saturday (ST registration ends at 7 pm). Starting the following week, FNs will be held on Sundays (roughly from noon-6pm). Count me in for 3s on the 22nd! :karate:

damn i cant go saturday cuz of work n i wanna play ST WTF!!!