Summer 08 Fight Night Throwdowns - Doylestown, PA- Saturday Weekly Tournaments

This Sunday startin at 2pm… THIRD STRIKE YALL. Come on down will ya.

I guess I won’t make the effort for a SC3 tourney. But when SC4 comes out, I’ll try to raise some hype and bring it if interest is high and there’s room.

well I just deleted my homework so I’m not gonna be around tomorrow:mad:

crazymasterhand didn’t anyone tell you that school’s for suckers???

Also Comeback come play 3s yo, we can fit in some st too

Count me in.

well seeing as how it’s 5 am and I’ve barely started my work for the week I’d say I won’t be around tomorrow

To confirm, ST signups begin at 2 PM Sunday, 7/20, and the tournament will begin at 3 PM?

ill be there on sunday !!! I bought a d c to ps2 converter so i can now play on all systems. id liek to try it on DC if it is at all possible.