Summer End Battle Reynosa Tournament! Results

First of all the Results!

3s (7 participants)

  1. JOE “mr.panda”/Zen “Zen” (Split)
  2. JD “JD”
  3. Abid “nican”
  4. Edgar “vera”
  5. Adriel “Ratdash”
  6. Arturo “sir_arthur”

MvC2 (9 participant)

  1. Hamm “Hamm”
  2. burgers “shizuma_15”
  3. bear
  4. memo
  5. JD
  6. ratdash
  7. Edgar “vera”
  8. Abid “nican”
  9. michael

Random torunament

KOF 98!!

  1. Edgar “vera”
  2. Josue “T-Sex”
  3. JOE “Mr.panda”
  4. Arturo “sir_arthur”
  5. teto
  6. Abid “nican”
  7. Zen “Zen”

Man even tho we had low turn out every tournament was hilarious… we had a lot of fun… hope we get more ppl next time

Shout out to the Halingen-Phar and MAtamoros peeps for their presence, thanks for comming and hyped this event.

The 5v5 MvC2 match were insane, “vera” knocking 4 of the guys from usa, but then came hAMM to put things clear and sweep us all 5… shit was HYPE …

Hope to get more peeps and a better place to make next time… thanks everyone for comming see ou all soon.

Sounds like a fun tourney.
Did you get any of the matches on tape?
I know the Third Strike scene isnt really that big in Mexico, but Id like to see some matches. Its always interesting to see different playing styles.

Sure we have em, like 90% of the matches, just need some time to put it on

Jd lost =(