Summer End Battle Tournament! - Reynosa, MEX - 08/11/07

Ok so this is our first official tournament here in Reynosa-South Texas, so let’s ge this:

Reynosa, Mexico (border with McAllen-Pharr TX)
San Roberto #214
Lomas Real de Jarachina
Between Loma Dorada & San Angel
(don’t worry i’ll make a map)
"Torunament" lat=26.0405753322, lon=-98.3557228419

**- CvS2 (PS2) ($10) 3:00 (Single Game, Double Elimination, GF 2/3)

-KOF 2k2 (PC/Emu with PS2 adapters)($5) 4:00 (Single Game, Double Elim, GF 2/3)

  • Super Turbo (PS2)(if some1 can provide it as we don’t have it) ($5) 4:30 (2/3, GF 4/7, double elim.)

  • 3rd Strike (PS2) ($10) 5:30pm (2/3, GF 4/7, double elim)

  • MvC2 (DC) ($10) 6:30 (2/3, GF 4/7, double elim)

  • 3s 2v2 Tournament ($10 per team) 8:00 (2/3, single elim.)**

Venue Fee: $3
Everyone is invitated, not only RGV, i’m trying to get people from some places in Mexico so we can have lots of comp for this.

Registration can be here or at the day of the tournament. I’m putting CvS2 first because is the more consuming time of all, if theres not enough people(min 8) for a tourney we won’t be running it.

Last but not least if time permits(theres no limit since we can use the house until next day lol)
5v5 Tex-Mex 3s Challenge!! Are you up for this?? Make a 5 man team vs our 5 man team to decide whos better!!

And an additional side event 5v5 Tex-Mex MvC2!!! Get HYPE!!

BTW, if guys want to stay the night there no problem, as is a rent house we can
stay the night too, or you want to play casuals al night, go for it!!
Hope to see you there!! Don’t forget your sticks!!
If you have questions or suggestions let us know!! :china:

Im gonna try to atract some people from monterrey
it could get nice
you should call it Battle at the border but from the otherside :rofl:

Whos the 5 man 3s team you’re hoping it would represent mexico?

anyway, hope this works out, ty posting on comboadictos, they have a tournament on DF on august 5th I think, I wanna attend to it so I might publish this tourney as well, might be needed to change the date or something
we’ll see what happens.

sure no problem on dates, just don’t want to mess with people EVO trips, and get as much as people as you can, if theres a bunch lot of people we should change the location but not a big deal, BTW do you that 3s DF tournament is cancelled? ---->

Nice nice nice :D…will definately be going to this…lets see if the RGV people show up to this.

Ill see what I can do about this. This tournament is a huge toss up for me right now so im not gonna say anything other then Ill see what I can do.


I am cool to attend this, I will bring all the marvel crew I can fit in my car from the RGV

how bout this…

a 5 VS 5 in Marvel

Tex vs Mex???

why not both ?

you bet :cool:

you should have some kof 2k2, 98 and 2k3 in the line up. that might persuade me to go:china:

i’m trying to rent an arcade machine for some kof action, i’ll keep you updated :china:

If anyone could meet me somewhere and we can figure out how and where cuz i’m not too knowledgeable with the location. Hamm i’ll give you a call like a day or two before the tourney and see whats up.

Anyone in need of team mate for Marvel tourney? I was thinking of the same three from the first BATB all we will need is two more.

What are the details on the pass ports? I dont have a pass port thingy and my girl friend said they used to use the drivers licenses.

Whoa whoa whoa I just barely noticed this but you used Battle at the Border II. Uh thats the name for the next real battle at the border that Ill hopefully be running next year.


Take ot as a mexican side version

for the bridge you guys dont need anything but an ID
the passport ting doesnt apply tilll next year, to cross you only need an ID

by popular demand i changed the name to BatB II, anu other suggestions?

i like the “summer end battle” title more than BatB…

in addition, BatB is the title of the Demon’s-Jim tournament… you got a plagiarism right there…

" the Pinata Battle Fest ", is another cool name lol.

anwer your fucking phone !!!

Popular demand?? Im just saying cause as Nican already posted that name while it may not belong to me it is already associated with another tournament. It would be like me taking the texas showdown name and making my own tournament out of it. And I thought the name was summer end battle?


Wait wait dont start hate plz

allright lets just call it “La Batalla en el bordo” then :rofl:

What the? Why would you do that? I mean… it’s not illegal to take somebody else’s tournament name, but it’s still not right. Could you change the name please?

Jive Out!