Summer Games Done Quick 2016 Thread




July 3-10, 2016

So, SGDQ 2016 starts tomorrow. What are you guys looking forward to? I have to check the schedule myself but I’m going to miss a lot of it due to work.

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Super Metroid speed runs never get old.

Iron Sword seems like it’d be rather fascinating to watch.


When do they play Bible Black?


They made a game?



Because I fucking love robots.

I know RPGs aren’t too popular, but I am looking forward to closing it out on Super Mario RPG, due to all the silly nonsense in that game.

Also Diablo 2 normal with a Druid has me intrigued. I haven’t watched a Druid speed run yet.

Tetris: The Grand Master Series Exhibition with five runners!

Also, this is a great game name “Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos Bandidos”


That entire block from ActRaiser through Gunvolt is going to be HOT FIYAH.

Fucking HAGANE, man… Disney block will be fun as well… QUACKSHOT!

Really good selection of games this year.


Oh shit Demon Crest 100%.


It actually was a game first lol




One of my favorite games as a kid Incredible Crash Test Dummies! I still have the VHS of the film somewhere, and I used to have all the toys, Junkman was one of the most badass villians ever, his design, his voice, his…evilness.


GDQ’s are always fun to watch, especially the megaman blocks. The tricks people discover to shave off a few seconds off their runs is pretty awesome. The cringy parts are funny too, wonder what kind of shenanigans will happen this time around


Call me when awkward/ fail compilation otherwise it’s the same shit


Twitch Link:

Starts at 9:30 PDT.



I can skip this entire marathon until Deus Ex, which I will then skip the rest once it is over. Hype.


Demon Souls run starting.


Tropical Freeze race now on.


They really should have got Kreggen to do the speed run for demons souls, he has the world rec.


I’m guessing you don’t know that GDQ is all voluntary.


Plus the DS run was good anyway.


Burn in hell Davidstar.