Summer grab bag special (buttons + ls 32 + balltop/battop)


6x Seimitsu screw in clear buttons: $25
4x Grey Buttons: $10
8x Red buttons: $20
2x Pinkish buttons: $ 6
2x Yellow smaller buttons: $ 6
Buy the set (22 buttons): $ 30 shipped

(USED) LS-32
Red mini balltop
Red battop with adaptor
[S]Clear balltop SOLD $10[/S]
Buy the set(stick+2 tops): $25 shipped



Would you seperate the red battop and the ls32 from that package.


PM Sent

edit: Here are closer pictures of the clear ball top on the LS32:




Let me know if you’d be willing to just sell the clear seimitsus.


PM Sent.


LS-32+clear ball top and clear seimitsus?


PM Sent and updated list. (Clear Ball top sold)