Summer Jam 5 full results

First of all I like to give a Big Shout out to everyone that made it out to SJ5 you people are the BEST.

Second I hope everyone made it back home ok, and that everyone in the NC and the rest of the NE is ok.

We still had over 400+ people at Sj5.

I will post full results and shout outs later.

Nec12 Dec 3&4.

I like to give a big Thanks out to:

My mom
My kids
My cousins
Jaxel and the rest of the SC crew
Mr. Quotes
Eddie and the rest of the mb/ah crew
Buck nasty
University family fun center
Markman-thanks for the support.
Jon from local batt
Shock and the rest of the MK crew
Big Matt
Mtl and TO for coming from the great north, it was great to see you guys again.
KAZI and Annie AG support
Dr chaos
And the rest of my Philly crew.
Tee the sj5 taxi
I couldn’t have made this happen without all of you.
Ps I know I forgot someone.


AE top 16

  1. Dieminion-nyc-Free agent
  2. TS Arturo S.-nyc
  3. Sanford K.-nyc
  4. AG Brandon D.-philly
  5. EMP Hiro-nyc
    5 AG Marliepie-nj
  6. Lucky D.-ma
  7. Freddyloco-mtl
  8. AG Kazi-nj
  9. uvg Noel B.-nyc
  10. AG dr. chaos-philly
  11. Eric V.-va
  12. CP
  13. Dmg mcz Insaynne-ri
  14. Magman-va

SC4 Teams: (11 teams)

1: Nothing-Common (Woahhzz, Ramon, lolo)
2: Broken (Mick, RTD, thugish_pond)
3: The Three Amigos (OOFMATIC, Eli123s, Partisan)
4: MTB (MTFighter, Human Typhoon, BlackMamba)
5: Upset (LostProvidence, Hawkeye, KrayzieCD)
5: EEEHHHHH!!! (Goofus, Nightblade, Lasercakes)
7: WashedUp and Random (BrewtusBibulus, Jaxel, KidDZaster)
7: Scrubs (PhoenixIvan, ZeroEffect, Saion)
9: Hanbark (Alucard, Hanbark, OneEye)
9: Philly (FightClubHuBBs, Sporko, Malice)
9: ACHookers + Jian (Rekki, OmegaXCN, Jian)

SC4 Singles: (41 entrants)

1: Woahhzz
2: Mick
3: Thugish Pond
4: lolo
5: MTFighter
5: Fundraiser (LostProvidence)
7: Unidentified26128 (MaxxDreamkiller)
7: RTD
9: NDK
9: Partisan
9: KDZ
9: Oofmatic
13: JustKill
13: Rekki
13: Sporko
13: HumanTyphoon
17: Last Dragon
17: Lowsweep
17: Saion
17: BlackmambaMoan
17: Hawkeye
17: Eli123s
17: Sephalump
17: Ramon
25: Malice
25: Goofus
25: Bibulus
25: Hubbs
25: Gr8 ONe
25: Kikaleek
25: Syphon
25: ZeroEffect
33: Lasercakes
33: Honkey Kong
33: JRWR7
33: Jaxel
33: Jian
33: Mark
33: Patrick Jones
33: Arctic Komodo
33: OmegaXCN

Tekken 6 results

1: RyRy
2: VATR Sayco
3: Grimy Grizzly
4: Blackula
5: Black Mamba
5: Mick
7: Sparta
7: pete68
9: Goofus
9: Kurai Ryu
9: Sanmitsu
9: Low Sweep
13: hubbs
13: Dreamkiller
13: OSG

Garou: MOTW

1: JT (Grant/Kevin)
2: Steve H (Terry/Gato)
3: Taishakten (Hotaru)
4: Hubbs (Grant)
5: Sorwah (Gato)
5: Comeback (Hokutomaru)
7: Omega (Grant)
7: MonoTeKeTeA (Gato)
9: Christian (Rock)
9: Ahhh Rick (Jenet/Tizoc)
9: Mike M (Marco/Dong)
9: DES Umbrellacon (Gato/Freeman)

MvC 3 Singles Results:

1 LB Chris G
2 Noel Brown
3 IFC Yipes
4 SmoothViper
5 MarlinPie
5 RyRy
7 DRS Masta CJ
9 Matt Coma
9 10 Stars
9 Cheeseburger
9 Steve H
13 Mr Freedy Loco
13 NerdJosh
13 Dr. Chaos
13 Winback
17 DragonGod
17 Chris D
17 DJ Hooshen
17 Damian
17 Ray Ray
17 Derek P
17 Kennyt K
17 B. Bunny
25 Mike P
25 EMP Mugetsu
25 Reljin
25 AG Demon Hyo
25 Ricky Ricardo
25 Trent
25 DRS Shakugan
25 Maxout
33 MegaIsaac
33 FNEX Daxiles
33 Eric V
33 Lud
33 Jimmy bones
33 Sho/WW
33 Chaos2d
33 Static Gorilla
33 Sanford Kelly
33 PigSpartan
33 Seabass
33 KDZ
33 IcyLin
33 LHI|Mastercrash
33 MrQuotes
33 Zerk
49 BlackMambaMoan
49 FNEX KBrad
49 Biazazedo
49 Megamansteve
49 Meat Truck
49 Clo4k3d
49 MCZ| DMG Insayne
49 Lonesoldier
49 Eigty
49 Asian Daisy
49 Blackout
49 Christian
49 NAS
49 Warrior
49 LHI Grimy Grizzly
49 8bd Eric
65 Dario
65 Genmu Zerp
65 Psychocronic
65 Kelvin Bello
65 Meza
65 Eazail
65 Blitz
65 Persia
65 Jonathan cotto
65 fourthstar
65 BBD Zeta
65 Woolie
97 Super Azn Stoner
97 Boog
97 C.Ward
97 MTL Kai
97 Tank
97 Taishakten

MvC3 Teams Results:

1 Irene’s Baby Daddies (Noel Brown, Yipes, RyRy)
2 Bacon (Chris G, Masta CJ, MegaMan Steve)
3 Josh Wong no Income (Damien, 10 stars and NerdJosh)
4 Team Canada
5 Team Chickenhead
5 Team AG
7 Empire
7 Can’t Control Chronic
9 Team Hate
9 Steve and Sons
9 Assachusettes
9 Sponsored Minorities
13 Team Irene
13 Team CQC
13 NWO Red
13 Wild Stallions
17 Team Galaxy
17 Hobo Rebellion
17 The Boys
17 Free 99
17 Team SAS
17 You Lost to us
25 Your Canadian Freinds

Awesome Weekend Guys. See you at Season’s Beatings!

SSF4:AE Teams

  1. Black on Black (Noel, Dieminion, Yipes)
  2. Tropical Storm (Dr. Chaos, Damien, Insayne)
  3. EMP (Sanford, Lincoln, Jeron)
  4. Uncle Blanka (Demon Hyo, Lucky D, Julien R.)
  5. Toronto
  6. Lehigh Valley
  7. Local Guardians
  8. Honeypig
  9. MTLSF
  10. Me, Myself and Irene
  11. CFAS
  12. FNEX
  13. OB-GYN Kenobi
  14. CQC
  15. TW
  16. Real Life
  17. Windsor Warlords
  18. Sonic Hurricane Irene
  19. Hurricane MTL
  20. Bacon Strips
  21. Irene Has Clymidia
  22. 8BD
  23. Get Slammed
  24. 99 Seconds
  25. GDH
  26. Tom Brady

Summer Jam 5 3s Singles
Top 8 Results
20 Entries

  1. Chris G (YA)
  2. Sayco (CH/EL/AL)
  3. Marlinpie (KE)
  4. Frantastic (YU)
  5. keninblack (DU)
  6. Mr. Quotes (MA)
  7. Ryry (RE/YU)
  8. Tomahawk (YA)

Thanks everyone.

Hell yes Soul Calibur 4. Thanks eric.

I have AE and St teams, I will post later. Also I will get shock, stick and Eddie to post their results: MK games/BB and gg/mb and ah3.

Props to Team Spooky, the stream was great. Loved watching Noel Brown get carried in teams. Twice.

Thank you Big E for all of the liquor I drank throughout the weekend.Thanks to Kevin for randomly putting on his AE team cuz I dont play that game.Thanks to Ryry and Yipes for bodying everyone til the winners finals and finally letting me play a damn game.lmao.Shout outs to Arturo for having me dying all weekend and thanks to all my supporters.Thanks to the trolls too,you guys make me laugh.See ya at Seasons Beatings!!!

Your welcome my friend.

MK9 Top 8

[size=4]1. VSM CD Jr[/SIZE]

2. AU Erik Warda

3. VSM Crazy Dominican

4. Tom Brady


5. NYChrisG

7. Michaelangelo

7. Sabin****

way to hold it down in SSF4 AE Teams LEHIGH VALLEY

In which videoon spooky’s channel top 8 starts?

Edit: mvc3 (marlin pie)

Thanks to everyone who showed, and to those who lent their equipment for use.

Good shit to Eric and everyone else who helped run this. Had fun and it was nice seeing everyone again.

Is there a link to the brackets anywhere? I can’t quite remember all the names of the players I’ve played against, it would be nice to see. GGs to Sanford and Freddy Loco, learned so much from both matches. Pool 1 was very strong.

Also, to Jeron/Lincoln/Kevin…if any of you have my stick, let me know please. The stick Eric V lent one of you is actually mine, and he forgot to get it back when we left early :. I’ve played every match on that stick since day 1 vanilla, so if one of yall still have it let me know. Thanks.

never seeing it again

Eric V probably has it.

I just wanted to say that I had a blast and it was for sure worth the 15 hour mission. There was a lot of hype moments (PS3 unplug, RDK/Smoothviper pop-off, etc…) and I will say for sure that I’ll be going to NEC12 but for now, T12 is next and I’m strongly encouraging anyone from the EC/NE to come up.

My pics here: Summer Jam V/

Thanks to everyone who made this tournament possible, and to everyone who showed up (despite the weather)! And GGz to everyone I played against.

I’d be surprised if the bracket were to turn up. I know that I lost to you in losers 4 or so, though. I was playing Juri.