Summer Jam 6 Brackets


By tecmolicious at 2012-08-27

By tecmolicious at 2012-08-27


Damdai gave me the scoop yesterday. Updated in the results section:


Fun games indeed… jollies an psychocronic damn good matches indeed. surprised myself with no practice for the last 3-4 months…


Pic of hand written brackets : priceless…


Why no Mars? Isn’t Philly his home town?


Youngblood had to work… he job literally ate his whole weekend.


Yeah, bills is more important.


Damn. Paper brackets. A throwback to the tourneys held during the 90s. lol.


I heard for the next tourney they’re actually going to have this guy holding a camera and record all the matches, and in color!


Kind of like this?


We got that TECHNICOLOR 16-bit technology.

Bam. We got paper brackets that cover the ENTIRE wall of Sunnyvale Golfland.