Summer jam 6 - Tayson


hey everyone, i heard from friends some people were looking for me. so ill leave my twitter and facebook here so you can follow me :slight_smile:


hi tayson do you like ken


The space police are out for you Tayson. Be afraid… Sparta will burn to the ground.


based on your username, the title of this thread, and the links you posted. . .
I have come to the conclusion that you are in fact Tayson.


Lies I say.


@phantasy you mean cause of the ken colour? theres a story behind that. since i was a kid i loved ryu, my brother loves ken, with this color in UMVC3 i feel like my brother is fighting along with me :slight_smile:

@baku i pay protection to the space mafia so im good :3

@Rokmode my documents are always in order lol

@avowofsilence must i do an urine test? lol


I always thought you were just trying to match the colors of Zero.


im actually trying the match the colors of ryu lol


Getting Ryu’s priority to match Zero must be hard too huh? …
Oh yeah… I have a love/hate relationship with Zero. More so hate though. :slight_smile:


I think we met at evo. I was with tinh ( mine ) doing… 2 man tourneys, I was the zero player and we were gonna 2 man tourney match but I couldn’t because other people kept trying to play me :frowning:

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Ah yes, you beat me in loser’s finals of our pool at EVO. I’ll have my revenge somedayXD


mmmm i remember my pool finals. what was your team again? morigan doom and X?


Morrigan Doom and Ammy. I remember you played Zero Vergil Nova, rather than Ryu.


now i remember. vergil was my counter pick. due the fact you were using the morigan doom lol i rather use ryu if i can