Summer Jam HDremix

It’s late and i’ll post highlights tomorrow! Here are the results! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

  1. Damdai (Ken)
  2. Steve Harrson (Sagat)
  3. Julian R (vega, Gief, DJ)
  4. D. Spence (Sim)
  5. Bill Gould (Honda, Chun)
  6. RyRy (Ryu)
  7. Thelo (Honda)
  8. Jollies ( Rog)
  9. Tarnish (Cammy, …)
  10. CrazyMasterHand
  11. Robin
  12. Gran-calc
  13. Rob Ruyfus
  14. Mr.Quotes
  15. Warrior
  16. D.Wright
  17. GPL
  18. Phi
  19. Joey Crack
  20. Billy Windsor
  21. Jarell F
  22. Komosutro
  23. KSL

Here are some of the highlights of the HD tourney!

  1. Steve H lost to Damdai 2x
  2. Julian lost to Damdai and Steve
  3. Spence Defeats Billg Jollies, Tarnish
  4. Bill g loses to Spence and Julian
  5. Thelo (evo finalist) loses to Julian and RyRy
  6. I think Damdai lost only 2 games.
  7. Everyone was very good getting in their matches in a reasonable time!
  8. Other than What system players wanted to play on everything got in in a reasonable time!

Thanks to everyone who helped!

Good shit Damdai and steve.

I know this is a bit late, but this is Tarnish (man of a bunch of dumb names). Thanks to everyone who just took the time to talk to a guy still trying to improve at HDR/ST.

Bill Honda - Thanks for staying chill, even with me whining about the PS3/360 decision. You helped me out with a few Honda/Cammy matches afterward. I’m gonna take that advice to heart and just keep learning/improving. Great job running the tournament, I hope to play you again some time.

Spence - Sick Dhalsim, man. Not sure if you post much given the conversation we had, but thanks for coming out and giving a good showing. Haven’t seen many people give Steve H trouble like that, even given his placing in finals.

I didn’t really get to play anyone else like that other than those two, but it was fun talking to Damdai and Thelo. I hope to play you guys next tournament. Always a good scene with HDR, good shit to everyone who played.

Robert Ruyfus seems like a pretty cool guy to me.

I like this Rob Ryufus guy