Summer Kick-Off Party @ Versis this Thursday

Versis, in Lake Oswego, is having a Summer Kick-Off Party on Thursday (6/21/07).

The party runs from 2pm-10pm (but don’t be surprised if it runs into a.m. time).

There will be free Pizza and a super special rate of $1 per hour.

I will be there, playing VF5 as usual on the PS3 station. I might bring another PS3 for them to use on another station, but I think every other station is going to be packed full of Gears of War, Halo 2, Wii Sports, and Guitar Hero.

Also, Versis tends to stay open until the last person leaves. I’ve been there as late as 4am before.

Here’s the Address:

Versis Videogame Center
395 N. State
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Phone: 503-922-1927


There’s parking under the store, but it’s tricky finding the entrance. I recommend parking at the shopping center across the street. That would be the nice shopping center that looks like it came out of Switzerland.


The Summer Kick-Off Party is the 21st, not the 14th.

Sorry for the initial mistake. But this gives people more time to know about the event!

And I know there’s gonna be some VF5 action there. Maybe some T5DR too (if T5DR people come)!


I’ll be at the party today from 4pm on.

Hope to see some of you guys over there!


i would go, but i have a date tonight.


Sweet, you finally caught a black girl!

i wish.

she’s white, first white girl i’ve gone out with in over five years.


then on saturday, i’m cheering on this samoan chick that’s competing in a wet t-shirt contest.


crap, thursday…
I totally missed seeing this…
How’d it go?