Summer Showdown UK Results

The Uks biggest summer event has come to an end, it was a good event with
lots of tight matches and feirce competiton.

Hyper Street Fighter

1st Sho-G (st balrog/ st-ken)
2nd Randomhajile (champ bison/ champ guile)
3rd Prodigal son (ST ryu/Champ bison)
4th R3ko (ww blanka/ ST honda)
5th Chunkis (ST ryu/Champ ryu/ken)
6th Wizardchicken (St balrog/ ww guile)
7th Rakurai ( St -ryu / hf ken)

Guilty Gear XX AC

1st Zakuta(baiken)
2nd Kensou (faust)
3rd Beido (eddie)
4th Kaworu (sol)
5th kingpin (pot)

3rd strike

1st Prodigal son (ken)
2nd Zakmeister (oro/ necro)
3rd CIV (chunli/ urien)
4th Chunkis (ken/sean)
5th Raju (Urien)
6th Rakurai (makoto)
7th Eric (hugo)
8th Waqs (ken)

Tekken 5 DR

1st Tissuemon (craig)
2nd Starscream (king/hwoarang)
3rd Dinosaur (king)
4th Masamune (kuma)
5th cobra commander( law)
6th Dr D (feng)
7th Prodigal son ( Deviljin)
8th Chinese guy (anna)

Virtua Fighter 5

1st Prodigal Son (kage)
2nd Simon (akira)
3rd Jide (brad)
4th opti (shun)

Matches will be able soon at

Yeah, SS07 was a great event, i was a little bit dissappointed about the turnout for HSF2, probably due to the cost of entrance, but everyone was at the very least decent.

I dunno how you worked out you got 5th, since everyone after 4th was in quarter finals. If your gonna arrange them in order by the finishing positions of their quarter final opponents, then it would look more like this.

Hyper Street Fighter 2

1st Sho-G (st balrog/ st-ken)
2nd Randomhajile (champ bison/ champ guile)
3rd Prodigal son (ST ryu/Champ bison)
4th R3ko (ww blanka/ ST honda)
5th Desk (ST Chun)
6th Wizardchicken (St balrog/ ww guile)
7th Chunkis (ST ryu/Champ ryu/ken)
8th Rakurai ( St -ryu / hf ken)

Correction … how do you work out 6th and 8th? looooool

1st Shoji (ST balrog / ST-Ken) <- correct spelling loool
2nd RandomHajile (CE Bison / CE Guile)
3rd Prodigal Son (ST Ryu / CE Bison)
4th R3ko (WW Blanka / ST Honda)
5th Desk (ST Chun)
5th WizardChicken (ST Balrog / WW Guile)
7th Chunkis (ST Ryu / CE Ryu / CE Ken)
7th Rakurai (ST Ryu / HF Ken)

LOL, i can see this turning into the most pointless conversation in the world. Anyway i’m bored so here goes.

Since it was single elimination knockout, technically all the players that got knocked out in the quarterfinals are tied for 5th place, so there is no tie for 7th place, although i can see how came to that conclusion. Heres how i worked out the 5th-8th places

Sho-g came 1st and and beat desk in the quarters, so desk = 5th

Randomhajile came 2nd and beat wizardchicken in the quarters, so wizardchicken = 6th

Prodigal Son came 3rd and beat chunkis in the quarterfinals, so chunkis = 7th

r3ko came 4th and beat Rakurai in the quarterfinals, so rakurai = 8th

Either way it don’t matter, since i’d really count them all as joint 5th as none of them played eachother in a knockout phase to really determine their true order.

look man nobody cares


I second that…

I do, when you start lying about where you finished :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone cares at heart!