Summer Sizzle Video Game Tourney July 24th Lakewood California

The original date of this tournament was July 17th we had to change the date to July 24th. This tournament will be held at Fuddruckers in Lakewood, California its on the same lot as the Lakewood Mall

5229 Clark Ave
Lakewood Ca 90712

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If you have any questions call A1 310.461.5465 or visit

This event will be on Ps3 & Xbox 360

whats the entry fee?

$5 entry $5 venue So $10 total

Thanks for the continued support

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Uh, what time does it start?

What are the rules?

What’s the payout?

Some information would be nice, or nobody’s going to go.

And honestly nobody’s going to call a phone number for the info.


I see now that it’s on the back of the flyer, this shit should seriously be in the post though. Still doesn’t say when it starts.

  1. The start time is on the flyer but its 2pm

  2. The payout is 1st 70% 2nd 20% 3rd 10% I thought this was standard but i could be wrong

  3. Double elimination tournament. Best of 3. Losers can change characters

I will make sure i write all the information down thats on the flyer next time. Didnt mean to make people read the flyer for the info

Thanks for the support

Registration 1pm See you there