Summer Slugfest III:June 24, 2006 Gamefrog Winston-Salem

Orochi is back again! LET’S READY, GO!!!

Location: Hanes Mall
3320 Silas Creek Pkwy
Winston Salem, NC 27103




PRE-REG:NOW UNTIL 12:00 P:M June 24, 2006

Majors $10

Guilty Gear XX Slash (New!)

NEO/GEO Battle Colisueme

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Capcom vs SNK 2

SoulCalibur 3

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Street Fighter Zero 3 (New Added!)

Minors $5


Super Smash Brothers “Melee”

Naruto 4


Basic Rules of Fair Play…

  1. No Coaching during tounament play. Result is automaticly disqualified from that tournament. No questions.

  2. If your stick resets the game for any reason that is an automatic loss. If it occurs in the last round of your match you are moved to losers or be it your second loss in losers you are out. Grand Finals same rules apply, 1 and 2.

What, I have to stand! Damn someone was a little sleepy…

At least it is in walking distance…time to get good at MI2 (if thats even possible).

Nice, nice. Sign me up for 3S and CvS2.

This sucks. I was hoping this was going to be in Durham.

I have a feeling i’ll be able to make this. Is there any chance KoF XI will be added to the card?

Put me down for Third and Slash

Just a suggestion, but seeing as how Alpha Anthology will be out by then, how about some A3 action?

I doubt anyone is really going to play MI2, so how about replacing that with KOFXI? How about just adding Alpha 3? Word now is that it WILL BE arcade perfect, so no worries there. I will be able to provide both of these games if needed…

Sign me up for 3rd Strike, NGBC, Slash, and I’ll probably also enter Marvel, and then Alpha 3 and XI if those go.

I’ll try my best to have flyers up and spread around surrounding areas by early next week.


yo go ahead and put me down for 3rd strike, slash, vf4 evo, and sc3

Winston-Salem? Ouch, tack on another extra hour driving for Richmond if we decide to go.

Ya know what, forget i said this…if it’s the stupid PS1 port, then dont even bother. God, I hate capcom sometimes…or all the time:arazz: .

I’m rolling with CVS 2 and Battle Coliseum unless something comes up for me

since this one is one hour from me im very happy… i can definetly make tis one. sign me up

Miguel Angel Muniz "Loborine"
street figther 3rd strike
hickory , NC

It’s not. Everybody now says it’s more or less arcade perfect, and I’m pretty sure Alpha 3 is going to be added. :tup:

Word to your mother…this is great news. I might actually show up to this one. Don’t know what im playin yet, but seeing as how i havent been to a tourney in like a year and a half now, i’m not too worried about that:wgrin: .

Yo, I’ll be there for MvC2, CvS2, 3S, A3(if you have it), Slash(for the hell of it), and…thats it I guess.

Peace yo.

Here is the official flyer for Summer Slugfest III:

Sign me up for 3rd Strike, NGBC, Slash, and Alpha 3. :karate:

Nice work on the flyer Roski.

Eddie Wiggins (Dub)
Asheville, NC
Slash, MI2, VF4, maybe Alpha 3 but not 100% sure

Sign me up for SC3.

No T5?

Tight flyer.

We need a T5.

And that registration fee is a little big dont you think? $10? What happened to the usual $5?