Summer Slugfest III Results (June 24, Winston-Salem, NC)

Great tournament everyone! Nice turnout. Thanks to everybody for making it - good to see everyone again.

1st - Isaac Graham
2nd - Danny
3rd - Erik Petersen
4th - Brandowned
5th - Mega Zangief / Evil Morrigan

1st - Mega Zangief / Kevin Michaels (split)
3rd - Lucious Clayton
4th - Peter
5th - Erik Petersen / Bryan Ford

3rd Strike
1st - Cajunstrike
2nd - Brandowned
3rd - Evil Morrigan
4th - Orochi
5th - Jae Purvis / Erik Petersen

1st - Lucious Clayton
2nd - Cajunstrike
3rd - Beast of Fire
4th - Orochi
5th - Erik Petersen / EJ

GGXX Slash
1st - Beast of Fire
2nd - Charles S.
3rd - Chaz S.
4th - Cajunstrike
5th - Iceman / Purifyweirdsoul

Alpha 3
1st - Jae Purvis
2nd - Kevin Michaels
3rd - GeifRules
4th - Erik Petersen

1st - Kahlil Watson
2nd - Justin Benton
3rd - Kyle Bishop
4th - Tony Gwyn
5th - JJ Morris / Cameron Watson

Saisyu is planning on putting up the full results soon. Good games to everyone. Brandon the grand finals were crazy - good shit man. You too Jose. I like the friendly rivalry we’ve got going on. Some awesome matches all the way around. Also, hopefully some more people are interested in Battle Coliseum after the damn 17 matches (most REAL close…dammit) that Lu and I had to play. Thanks to you VA guys for coming down, as well as Jae from SC, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greenville, RDU. Peace.

:tup: :karate: :smokin:

Congrats go out to all the winners/placers! Play more Coliseum! :wgrin:

congrats to all the placers. w/ SC3 canceled I was just a spectator, but that tourny was off the hook. Much respect to 3S players especially.

Roski - way to hold it down for the Tre-4!!! Coming from losers to take first in true WS fashion. Ur my SF role-model. :china: I think we wanna get back on 3S so I’ll holla at you most definately.

Brandowned - That alex is sick. Much respect to your game.

Ed - You’ve been on some 3S roids or something homie. Your game came up. Thnx for hosting another NC tourny.

Guy that played Ryu and brought his redheaded GF - Never seen a REAL ryu b4. Ken’s all day. I had no idea there where so many denjin hadoken setups and I had know idea hcf+K was that strong. Tight work.

Donnie = Iceman

Good shit everyone, especially Erik for beasting in just about every game we had going there.

I’m going to try to get ahold of a digital camcorder for the next tourney (maybe even the Anderson one) so we can get some videos up.

P.S. My name is Bryan, not Byran

thnks dat was me. I cant believe i missed as much as combos as i did. Great competition. It wasnt an easy tourney by far. I have much work on my ryu to bring him up to par.

Great game Jose. Nice chun… congrats to everyone. Not only the top winners. a hard tourny indeed.

Mega and kev… good seeing ya. Team fayetville has always show me hick town some love.

Well hopefully i will see ya in the next one. Wen i got off the exit where i live. my damn clutch went out. so i have to pay someone to fix it. oh well… it was fun…

I meant to write Bryan. Sorry about that.

Iceman: Gotcha.

Raiden: Thanks man. I was going to try to get to Will’s late night at some point this week. You guys feel free to hit me up whenever you play.

nice alex roski for getting 1st! It’s too bad that I didn’t come to this since I’ve been too busy working. Maybe next time I will make a trip.

This tourney was so good it got me addicted to SF again…great job to Ed for runnin it. Also it was good to put some faces to the names, and to see everyone i havent seen in forever. Hopefully A3 can make a comeback, cuz that game is too fun. Good shit to all the winners, especially Roski’s tight Mak. Greenville will be back for more, rest assured!

Had a ton of fun there. Good seeing all the players from the different games(Charlotte’s MvC2 and 3S crowd, GiefRules and his posse, Fayetteville, classic RDU/Triad, and Jae of course). Had good matches in everything I played even GG Slash. MvC2 and 3S were the funnest to me, Juggernaut and Akuma/Urien can be too fun to play.

Roski: sorry I couldn’t make it to you to get some of those classic matches going again, damn Orochi :looney: Good shit man.

Edward: Good games and tourney, I’ll get you next time sir :arazz:

To everyone else, I had a great time seeing everyone and playing/watching the games. Great job to everyone.

Yeah I agree. We are like the Ken and Ryu of the NC scene. Except I’m a lot sexier then Ryu. :rofl: But seriously good shit man It’s like we have to step our game up each time we play each other, it’s always fun fighting you.

So when are you going to come down to Charlotte and get Drunk with us. Lets try to make this happen before EVO. Later man

To everybody else, thanks for coming and keeping the scene alive. And thanks to Saisyu for organizing this thing, I really like that location.

i could beat you all blindfolded with nothing but a short kick button.

haha. nc don’t play, wtf will i do when i come back, i forgot how to play fighters.

Good to get back into the scene, and congrats to all the winners.

Had a good time. Nice to see some out of state players.
Good games to all.
Thats two 2nd places in a row. Eventually i’ll win one…

See everyone out at the next tourney.

Charlotte is too serious!!

Good games to everyone, it was a fun tourney. GS to Roski and Lucious for a very entertaining finals in NGBC. The 3rd finals were also very nice with the duke of dukes brandon holding that shit down and Roski beasting his way from loser’s to winning it all. Erik all I can say is that you are the Juggernaut, ggs. Jose you’re getting good at Marvel, keep working on that Sent. See yall at the next one.

Charlotte is seriously too serious!!!

Shout out to my man george who just had surgery on his knee this past monday. Get better soon.

Good shit isaac <3

When do the Charlotte 3S players meet up? I need some serious practice in that game.

Sup guys, I got GGXXS losers finals and one set of grand finals, right here:

Losers Finals:

Grand Finals (first set only):

GGs to everyone at the tournament, it was extremely fun and I had a great time. Props to Saisyu for organizing. Mad props to Alex and Lucious for putting on a great show in NGBC, though I don’t see any reason why it had to go to 17 matches. That just goes to show you guys were playing extras. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to give special thanks to all the VA guys who made it down for GG, Iceman, fireballtrap and Debaser. It was great seeing you guys again and we hope to see you in the future for more tournaments and just having a good time.

Props to all NC GG players, thank you for showing up and playing hard. We’ll do it again soon.

Again, thanks to Saisyu/Orochi for organizing this event.