Summer Vacation Costume Glitches


So, did you found any weird glitches so far?
I saw some weird shadow problems on Juri’s neck in her new costume while doing her U2.

List of glitches (Summer Vacation costumes):

Ryu: Legs clipping through his shorts.


Juri: Edges on her neck.




There was the Hugo SPD one that someone recorded, but I haven’t been able to replicate it on PC.

Then of course, there’s Ryu’s legs clipping through his shorts.


Hugos chain goes through his neck during certain stages of his animation. Also Yang has a hideously ugly earring that ruins his entire outfit, going to submit it as a bug to hopefully get it removed.


Oh, so there are more glitches. Well Poison’s hair is also clipping through her body sometimes, but that doesn’t really bother me.
The glitch with Juri’s neck is only visible during her U2 animation from what I’ve tested so far.

Good idea.
How can we submit it to Capcom?


Did a screenshot to show the bug/glitch I meant:


Nothing major, but still something they could fix. :3
Looks like a texture bug caused by the make-up or something.


I heard Ibuki has some glitches with her suit on PC sometimes


Not sure if you’d count it as a glitch, but from what I have seen (I don’t have the game, so I can’t tell for sure), Decapre’s Summer outfit seems to have Cammy’s rounder chin.

Decapre’s chin in her other outfits is visibly sharper than Cammy’s, I have no idea why they’d go back to the the rounder model for that outfit.


This doesn’t surprise me as his chain on his default costume is actually modeled in two segments and will completely split on certain animations Hugo has. Hugo seems like he was very quickly put together with this and his shared animations between jumping and crouching lights and mediums.


If we can compile this into a proper list (complete with examples), I’ll see what I can do.


I found one:

Deejay’s costume was included.


StinkyFingaz posted this in the costume thread:


I guess that’s the thing to do, although considering how blatantly Gouken’s hands clip though his Alt1 straw hat in his victory pose or how Ibuki grabs her nonexistant mask in every other outfit, etc., it’s safe to say that they don’t give a shit.

If we are lucky they’ll make Ryu’s shorts wider to prevent the clipping the easy way (no animation tweaking) because hey, it’s Ryu.


The glitch with this is that they forgot to add Triforce’s Power Glove.


Great. I will create a list and edit the first post.

Good stuff, I didn’t even notice it while playing.

I did the same with the Juri bug now, to make it more clear.



I can make more screenshots like that if you want, just tell me what the bug/glitch is and we get more examples of stuff that Capcom can fix.