Summer Vacation Costumes Video!


Dat Juri and Poison. <3
I am biased but damn, good costumes.


Many of them are much better in action than they were on those images we’ve seen last week.


Seth: Atlantis, show me everything you have to offer.


I wonder if the title update for this will include the trials.

Probably not though.


They look so much better than the pictures…


Yes juri and posion looks the best… I want


Not feeling Juri’s new costume. That make-up makes it look like she rubbed poison ivy on her face.


Ryu looks like hes wearing an underwear on his head.


I still don’t like the Makoto one, she looks weird in it.
Yun look like a fool in this costume, with the ear piercing and stuff, but I guess that was the goal.

Viper and Chun Li are still WTF even in video.


I must be missing something, I don’t see why people think Juri’s is good at all…I’d say Juri, Viper and Rose’s are the absolute worst. The rest look much better in the video than in the pictures.


LOL at Kofi Kingston Dee Jay


Juri looked better in motion until I saw that makeup. Wow, way too much.

They flashed on Cody for barely a sneeze, thank goodness since it’s easily one of the worst costumes, arguably in the bottom 5 but there are a couple giving it a run for it’s money. Which is funny, because I felt his Edi E. costume in SFxT was top tier. I still want a “Tom Cody” outfit or a Tyler Durden costume (Fight Club).

Seriously, Cody as Tyler Durden with Guy as “The Narrator”? Too good.

Abel looks like he vacations at Steampunk conventions.

Deejay… just seriously. I thought in the original picture that the peace sign was on his shirt. Nope! It’s a giant fucking medallion! Even fucking better. God that is fucking awful and it’s even WORSE in motion.

I like how they didn’t even try to hide that Sakura’s hands clip through her hat and Guile takes off invisible glasses. That said, those two looked better in motion than I thought they would. I like em more now than before other than that one nitpick.

It was a nice touch that they even modified El Fuerte’s frying pan which you only see in his opening. Props to whoever did that one for the attention to detail.

I didn’t know until I spotted the little tank on her back but Viper’s is supposed to be a diver outfit (again). Seriously, were they that short on ideas? Seth, Rufus, Viper, Guile, Zangief all seemed to be doing some sort of underwater activity.

I like how just like the costumes they kind of had random ideas for how to package them. “Let’s do one of all characters with SRKS!” "Let’s do a “Femme Fatale pack!” “Let’s do a brawler/grappler pack!” “Let’s do a classic pack!” “Let’s just randomly throw people together for the “Challengers 1” pack!”



Re-watch it, Guile has the SWAT sunglasses from his SWAT costume.


Ah ok, really hard to see them at first.


Cammy’s costume should have included a mask.


First 50 Cent Ryu, now undies head Ryu… capcoms on a roll!


So THAT’s what Ibuki was wearing as a hat. Some of them look way better in motion, still… nope.
Such a shame that long hair looks horrible in the sf4 engine.


LOL I so laughed at this… specially cause I thought the same thing yesterday! hahahaahah


Most outfits have great attention to detail, I’ll give them that.

I’m happy that we won’t have to wait that long this time around, like when the previous outfit DLC was released.


The Ryu says: Why do I look so angry? Because they put facking sunglasses on my headband. Ah, let’s just fight.