Summer Vambats!

Starting this month(JULY), Vambat’s will be held every SATURDAY. the main place to meet is in the irc channel #srkvampire. I’m thinking to end it, the last week of SEPTEMBER.

show 9pm EST(Easter standard time, make sure to adjust accordingly for west-coast players plz.). there is a 5 minute window for entry call

Tournies will be run by myself, KOH, or Jedahministry.

rankings I believe are much akin to apex:

(number of players/your final placing)*100

with a 20% loss of points for every week.

if you can’t do the math, don’t worry, i probably will(not to sound like an ass).

if you do not have access to irc(or you do not know a site with java irc), post here, or aim message me/whomever decides to run it that day.

other rules:

have your mame internet setup tested out, and configured. an automatic dns goes should configuring be needed.

server to be played on is chosen between players
-1 round check(if necessary) to see if the given server is playable
-2/3 wins match, 3/5 for semis & grand finals
-no being an ass.
-suspicious desynchs/disconnects will put you on vambat probation or w/e(i.e. play nice)
-when the outcome of a match is determine’d, use this as a sample example, when posting it on the irc chat:

Dai-go(bb) 4-1 gb(fel)

if you need abbreviations, dont worry… make them up, as long as we all understand them

Should two players be consistently desynching, and there is no shape or form of their connection working together, then the person whom they are to fight next gets a temporary 3rd elimination strike. where he must defeat both players that cannot play eachother.

in A,B, C format:

Player A and B are to fight eachother, and the winner is to fight Player C. Players A and B have consistent desynching, and cannnot find a server where they may play a proper match. Player C must play against both players, in a 2/3 match each, win or lose, and gains an adittional “elimination” for the duration & use of those two matches.


1st JedahsMinistry
2nd KOH
3rd Dai-go
4th Harem

Rankings(updated ):

1st - 400 - JedahsMinistry
2nd - 300 -KOH
3rd - 200 - Dai-go
4th - 100 - Harem

latest feed(7/14/07):

JedahsMin Vs Harem - 3 - 0 rik vs sas , fel

Koh vs Dai-go - 2 - 1 -vic vs b.b.

JedahsMin vs Koh - 2 - 0 - rik vs Vic

Dai-go vs Harem - 3 - 1 - bb vs sas , fel

Koh vs Harem - 2 - 0 - vic vs sas

JedahsMin vs Dai-go - 2 - 0 - rik vs bb

4 man RR
Total time run:??? hrs

Solid, I’ve been waiting for someone to make the final move.

Prepare to barrle everyone.

Is anyone Interested at all?

Everybody is, they’re just too lazy and depressed from the end of Alphaism.

lol saturday, even better u know im in…whats the IRC server?

EFnet, #SRKvampire

Be there, tonight!

Anyone coming, or no?

Ranbat tonight, be there or be square?

Low turnout, but atleast people showed up for this one,

We had 4 players tonight, so we did round robin.

1st JedahsMinistry
2nd KOH
3rd Dai-go
4th Harem

The matches were as follows.

JedahsMin Vs Harem - 3 - 0 rik vs sas , fel

Koh vs Dai-go - 2 - 1 -vic vs b.b.

JedahsMin vs Koh - 2 - 0 - rik vs Vic

Dai-go vs Harem - 3 - 1 - bb vs sas , fel

Koh vs Harem - 2 - 0 - vic vs sas

JedahsMin vs Dai-go - 2 - 0 - rik vs bb

It begins again.

Numbers are a little off since some of us thought it was 3 of 5 not 2 of 3 but oh well xD.

I owe Dai-go a new Saitek :xeye:

I need to stop sucking. ;_;

Be ready for saturday, shit is going down again.

Saturday July 28

Round robin, due to lack of participants.

I really hope we get some more people next time around, It would be great if it was like the first ranbats =(.

1st JedahsMinistry
2nd Dai-Go , Harem
3rd KOH , Sentinal

Match results below, they are a little jumbled.

Daigo 3 bb - koh 0 vic

jedah 3 gal - sentinal 0 fel

Sentinal 0 fel - koh 3 vic

Harem 1 sas fel - Daigo 3 bb

jedah 3 jed - koh 0 vic

harem 3 fel - sentinal 0 fel

harem 3 fel - koh 1 vic

jedah 3 jedah - daigo 0 bb

Sentinal 3 - Daigo 0

jedah 3 jed -harem 0 fel, sas

I’m going to start playing in these ranbats when I get a good converter, hopefully the one I get will work for my Hori Fighting Stick SS.

Alright man, sweet, we need more people.

Have you tried the 3-in-1 PC Joybox?

And GG’s everyone.

Why must you be so broken? ;_;

no gb makes me sad btw :sad: