Summer Wars Results!

Alright guys here are the Results to all the games!

Super Street Fighter 4: AE

1 FR Firemage Drew G
2 Solid Ocean
3 Hitech
4 Blain
5 Jordan Harvey
5 Trey Williamson
7 Chris Carter
7 John Shelby
9 Chris Lee
9 JDColeman
9 Nick S.
9 Ryan Soety
13 Matthew McDill
13 Zach Gallowah
13 Keith Daniels
13 Gigga Plex
17 Matthew Wilks
17 Edgar Galindo
17 Ross Hoffman
17 Kevin Hutchins
17 Logan Cook
17 Bayli Cook
17 John Lentz

Marvel vs Capcom 3

1 Zeohawk
2 Cliffton Duffy
3 Mike Gibson
4 Rolondo Smith
5 Jermel Bennet
5 Keith Daniels
7 Matthew Wilks
7 Chris Carter
9 FR Firemage Drew G
9 Trey Williamson
9 Alexis Rivera
9 Kevin Hutchins
13 Chris Gilstrap
13 Edgar Galindo
13 Geoffrey Sexton
13 Jordan Harvey
17 Chris Lee
17 John Shelby
17 John Lentz
17 Logan Cook
17 Zach Gallowah
17 Blain
17 Bayli Cook

Mortal Kombat

1 Alexis Rivera
2 Jay Phillips
3 Kevin Makison
4 Tito Ibarra

Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike

1 Kevin Hutchins
2 Trey Williamson
3 Chris Lee
4 Zeohawk
5 FR Firemage Drew G
5 John Shelby
7 Jordan Harvey
7 Matt Trotter
9 Zach Gallowah

I just wana say I enjoyed every bit of today! Everybody was good guest and I’m so glad everyone enjoyed themselves! Look forward to this every years! Also look forward to season’s coming up! Just wana give shout outs to everybody from ATL, Columbia, Anderson, Greenville area’s and everyone else! I’ll be throwing all the rest of the shout outs on the videos! I’m just impressed with everyone! Didn’t see one person be a bad sport at anything! That is what I like to see! Look forward to the new Episode next week! I’ll have the matchs for Finals for Super 4 AE! and some of Marvel! I didn’t get all of Marvel but I’ll get you what i got. I got busy and didn’t get to record Grand finals! but someone did! If you could post that up for me that would be great! Thanks a bunch! Well I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I look forward to seeing all of you soon!


hey man just wanted to say great job with hosting the tournament! I thought it was a great venue, well ran/organize and fun! I had a good time and look forward to the next one. :sunglasses: Much respect to the Anderson/Greenville area! Also, thanks for squeezing me into the tournament at the last minute. Good lookin out! :woot:

Yeah dude! Your very Welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Look Forward to Upcoming events in the future! Just let me know about some of the Columbia stuff! I’ll try to round up some of our crew and come down

I’m glad I made the trip. I walked out with a net income of $4! lol

I went and did what you said I should do, and played a character I love. But for next time, can you guys find more people? I couldn’t even get any casuals going, other than with one of the tournament participants.

And I also didn’t lose a single game… maybe I play this game too much?

On the MvC3 tournament though I do have a small criticism. There were a LOT of moments where none of the three setups had tournament games going on, and with little to no places to sit, the wait became more unbearable. Maybe it was just me because I was hot, thirsty, tired and sleepy, but yeah.

Well, I didn’t know there wasn’t much of a Mortal Kombat scene in this area. I’m sorry dude… Haha, as far as drinks go. The place sold drinks… and as the setups for marvel went. I ended up running some of it by myself cause some of my help left at a point in the day. So I could only do so much myself. Other than that it mostly ran smooth from other people’s standings, but I thank you for you criticism. I’ll be sure it improve’s over time.

First of all Chris great job trying to help grow the scene.

on to guitalex’s post, dude i know you have never run a tournament but let me tell you this is very much a thankless job. and when you are trying to run multiple games it can get more than you can handle quickly. Just relax, know you are going to be there a while and enjoy the time. as far as him not running tournament games on every setup that shit happens every tournament(even majors)
if you are conserned with how slow things are running, do something about it!! Grab a Bracket and volunteer to help run things, Tournament organizers are very much like you they are not paid for what they are doing they are just hardcore gamers that are stepping up to the plate to make everyones experience more enjoyable.

now on to your point of not having enough people there, i feel your pain, I am an avid soul calibur fan and i always small turnouts every time i list that game. But again i have to say YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT not the tournament organizers. i know you want your game to be big but let me ask you did you call any of your friends and tell them about this tournament? Did you send out and invite to the event to your Xbox live friends? Did you offer to drive anyone to the event? did you go to your local gamestops and ask if they knew any MK fans YOU could take to the event? MK will never be as big as capcom games in this area but if you want it to grow then get out and help market it!
Sorry to be harsh but when you want something go get it dont wait for someone to bring it to you. Chris got over 20 people to this event(a very respectable number) and the fact that only 4 where interested in MK is not his fault. If you want your game around you need to help it grow. Do what NC did with KOF11, in 2005 at DSC3 they wanted people to sign up for it so the top 3 players put down $100 of their money as prize if anyone would win the tournament. Long story short they still kept their money as they won but a tournament that would have had 3-5 people had over 20 and they made a good bit off of it. Try something original and see if you cant help grow your scene.

OK, you obviously don’t know what I went through.

  1. I have run tournaments. Multiple times. It IS a thankless job, so that’s why I personally approached the dude and THANKED him for running the tournament after it was all over.

  2. I did call to their attention that TV setups were not being used. And when I did, then the brackets continued. But the reason why it went on a while was because people just sat down and had casuals, which I thought were tournament fights and so I stood there along with everyone else.

  3. None of my friends were willing to play in a MK tournament. Mostly because none of my friends own the game.

  4. None of my XBox Live friends are in the area. My PSN friends mostly don’t play MK, and also aren’t in the area.

  5. I did offer to drive someone. In fact, I DID drive someone, but he played only MvC3 since he doesn’t own MK.

  6. I go to my local Gamestop all the time. No, I didn’t ask if I could take a random stranger on a 2 1/2 drive to Anderson. I’d rather take my friends, which I did.

I’m not RANDOMLY ranting for no reason. MK doesn’t have a scene 2 1/2 hours away from me, but that’s not exactly something I am upset about. I only mentioned it because there’s nothing I can do about a scene that is 2 1/2 hours away from me, especially if I won’t really ever play these guys often. I mentioned it briefly and it was in a joking manner. I did all I could for a participant: I went there and brought a TV, a console, a sound bar AND a friend. Especially considering the fact that I didn’t know how many people would be there, and I was extremely upset (read previous posts) that my main character was not allowed, and I was ready to NOT make the 2 1/2 hour trip because all the practice I had done for the past two months was for nothing.

I can’t control what a scene is like, and like I said I’m not upset. Especially since it made my trip (did I mention it was 2 1/2 hours each way? That’s important to note.) worth taking. I only wished I could play with more people, particularly because playing online is extreme ass, and I was able to play some casuals at least.

And one last thing. Criticism is not a bad thing. There’s a good way and a bad way to give it. I think considering the response from the dude that I was respectful to him and it was taken into consideration, and I wasn’t ranting about it. I was merely pointing out something.

And Kenpunch, I did buy drinks, but mostly soda. I just drink a lot of water normally. I ended up getting a large drink from Arby’s filling it up with water and ice and taking it with me. It helped a lot. Also, Geoffrey’s last name is Sexton lol And it was me who recorded the MvC3 finals on my phone. I’m busy the next couple of days but I’ll post them on Youtube.

ok ok guys! Lets settle down! No need for a rough patch here! It was just misunderstandings and things happened. I first of all don’t want this turning into something it shouldn’t be and making me look bad. I knew what was going on and did what I could do to handle it. I know can’t make everyone happy for some things and Tournaments can get frustrating at times. I just want everyone to know things happen, but don’t fret cause I’ll be sure to take care of it. This was Anderson’s first Big tournament in years. So, from my stand point I was extremely happy how it turned out and how well it did. With marvel there was a lil stand off there for a moment but it wasn’t that big of a deal. AS soon it was noticed it got taken care of. I just don’t want people to frown up this and be turned the wrong way. Like I said before the tournament weeks ahead I want this to run as smoothly as possible and I wanted to talk to some of you and get opinions after the tourney to see improvements on coming events and on next years Summer Wars. So with this said, and I even spoke with you at the tourney to see what you thought and I got several others. I appreciated everyone’s comments and concerns.

Anyways, Lets don’t let this get ugly and get to a online battle of words. Cause honestly they are stupid and I wont put up with it.

not meaning to get into a war of words chris just defending our upstate crew!! It is cool man, i am just glad that tournaments are as big as they are now and we are regaining a scene like the old days. Things are looking BRIGHT!!

Is anyone missing anything from this tournament?