Summer's End 2012: Marvel VS Capcom 2 PSN Tournament


Since yall don’t like low tier tournaments and want this, let’s see how one in 2012 would turn out.

No banned characters
Double Elimination bracket
Rules: What rules? Just don’t “break” the game.
99 second timer / Turbo 1 (For the people that really don’t know tournament standards)
Format: First to 5 all the way. First to 10 for Winners/Losers/Grand Finals.

Just sign up with your PSN and your location like this

PSN ID: EricGGMusic
Location: Toronto

Submit a Speedtest at from a server 2000miles away to see how your ping is from far away

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)

PSN ID: Imashbuddenz
Timezone: Atlanta, Georgia.


I have to get a new modem. I had it for 5 years.


Question!!! Do you have to have a paypal account to enter this tourney?


No, this is a free entry tournament.


Ok cool!! Sign me up then!!

Timezone: Central


My first post asks for PSN and location, not timezone wtf. but I have you down for Texas from my MvC2 tournament here last year


Oops my bad!! Yep Texas it is :slight_smile:


Location- Phoenix, Arizona



PSN: NickGuy032008


Location, not timezone foo

Though I already know you NY


advertise on PSN against good players. Sometimes, they don’t know about a tourny.


It’s a SRK tournament though


There’s under 20 accounts that post here.



PSN ID: CharlieGoblyn
Location: Phoenix, AZ


What do you suggest then? Because if you wanna expand it, then you can chase all the people


i posted in in the fb group well see how that goes


Add Tical504 (I think that is his username).

When is the deadline?


Depending on how many entrants this gets, might not even start up

Giving it maybe til next weekend?


well its posted in the fb group, just get the id’s from people on there and add them in the bracket and post brackets on both here and the fb group.

easy peasy