Summer's End : FFA MvC 2 Tourney *8/22/09*

I was thinking of holding a tournament for MvC 2 on Saturday 8/22/09 @ FFA if anybody is interested.

Entry Fee: $5
Start Time: 9 PM

I’m down BB.

i’ll be there to take it.

Yeaaaahhhh mahvel

I’ll be there

is it console or arcade or hybrid?

arcade. But we have to see if the sticks work. Might be cancelled due to broken sticks. I’ll let everybody know on friday.


Crap I forgot. Im going right now to check.

green light for the tournament. right cab works. going in earlier tomorrow to ask them to fix the left one.

Alright im back from FFA(again) and the controls on the left big cab seems fine to me. The HP works. The right cab I tested extensively and I didn’t have much trouble playing on either side but they(the stick) do mess up on rare occasion. So I leave it up to you guys. Don’t come expecting perfect sticks. If people want a tournament then I will run a tournament but I want no bitching because I gave a warning in advance. Play on the sticks before you decide to enter the tourney(if people are for it)!

Aww weak I just saw this:xeye:, I would have gone to. Maybe next time.:sweat:

you would have wasted a trip. Tourney was cancelled due to lack of entries.