Summers Salt (06/30/2012 - Edmonton, Alberta)


Summers Salt (06/30/2012 - Edmonton, Alberta)
Date: Saturday June 30th 2012.
Venue Opens at 12:00 pm

Hosted by Edmonton Gamers
Will be streamed on Our live stream channel found here

Train hard kiddies Top 4 placers will gain seeding points for Alberta Beat Down 3 =Taking place Auguest 10th-12th

Registration will start at 120:0 PM Tournament will Start at 2:00 PM

Location: Over Klocked Gaming ans Computers Located @ 11618 - 119 St Edmonton, AB Off Kingsway near city center airport

Venue Fee: $15.00

Game Entry for Street Fighter x Tekken: $10.00
Game Entry for Super Street Fighter IV AE: s: $10.00
Game Entry for Skull Girls.: $10.00
Game Entry for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: $10.00
Game Entry for Super Street Fighter HD Remix: $10.00
Game Entry for Soul Calibur V: $10.00

A team tournamen is tentative for this event.

OFFICIAL TOURNAMENTS: Super Street fighter IV AE. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Street Fighter x Tekken, Skull Girls.


General Tournament Format and Rules

All times for games will go as fallows

1:00 pm

Super Street Figther IV AE 2012
Street Fighter x Tekken
Super Street Fighter HD Remix

3:00 pm

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Skull Girls
Soulcalibur V

Edmonton Thread - 2012
Edmonton Thread - 2012

Get hype for this! >:l




Wait to you guys see the flyer the world play is insain lol


I didn’t know there was HDR. hmm… i might enter that.


yesss more for HDR!


It looks like I’m going to be able to go to this after all. Anyone wanna mm in AE?

Edmonton Thread - 2012

Taking MM’s for HDR if anyone’s interested.


Hmm I’ll do it jeff, lets go $5.00

Glad to see your coming btw, i don’t want to just fight one person >.<


So who is actually going to enter sc5?




Fo sho! c-c-c-c-combo breaker orchid vs fulgore rd.2 bitches!


I wish i was a mod so i could sticky this thread =(




So who all i sactually entering SC5?


^ not me bumpity bump bump


Lol well it was requested so we shall see if anyone enters it haha


I’m just hear to say the Name of this Tourney is Simply brilliant. Genius even.


Summers Salt