Sun 1/31/09 C3 "Monthly Mayhem" VA

C3 Cyber Club

44710 Cape Court
Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 729-0985

Venue $10
Tourneys $5

K we are back with our 1st monthly in 2010, we will bring in the new year with some team events to get the year started off right!

I hope everyone can come out to attend and keep our Nova scene strong…

Pre-reg is @ 2pm and tourney begins at 3pm!

It will be singles in the following games!

$5 per player

3S (Ps2) can someone bring extra ps2 and disc for this
SF4 (Xbox)
MVC2 (Xbox)
T6 (Ps3)
TVC all stars (Wii) can someone bring extra Wii and game/sticks for this…we will have 1 set-up and 2 sticks already there…we prob could use an extra set-up tytyty

-no game breaking glitches in mvc2
-SF4 all characters allowed
-all games are 2/3 per match
-BYOC please
-TVC all stars rules TBA

I will be posting up the details for the C3 major in April where we will have some serious out of town competition rolling thru!

Details to come…

And a topic we can discuss in this thread:

Do you think we should go ahead and make SSF4 the official tourney at the April major since it will most likely be out by then, or should we go with regular SF4 since SSf4 will be so new to everyone?

Please feel free to drop your opinion on this subject, any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated. And remember David is putting up 1k in cash prizes for the major, so I wanna get this right for you guys!


I say don’t make Super an official game till a concrete release date is out. All of the release dates I’ve heard of are vague and only specify a month or season and not a specific calendar date.


What? More info please!

Make it SF4, just incase if its not out by then.

I will be there for 3s,CVS2 and 4.

Fun fun fun.

I am def leaning in that direction my fellow Viper colleague!

You and your bro gunna be at Magfest?

ssf4 is q1/q2/q3 2010/11. subject to change at any time.

Well seems Amazon has a specific date of March 31st (2 days after my bday) though that is definitely subject to change without official word from the company.

Looking forward to being at Magfest. Long as real life doesn’t beat me down I should be able to make it. I don’t know about my bro though. Until the holiday craziness is over he isn’t looking good for doing much of anything game wise. The fact that I have to pick him up from work sometimes means that could mess me up for Magfest too. I heard the group deal is pretty solid where like 6 people can walk in for like 20 bucks. If I can set that up at least cost wise it shouldn’t be an issue.




i will not partake in being pushed aside to sunday tourneys?


Fuck… :lame:

Thats not good.

I’m down for Sunday. Earlier start time is good too. Though that’s just me.

BTW I already got some of the scoop of the major from Eric V and it sounds interesting. I’ll let him explain more but the Tekken 6 tourney should be especially hype.

Oh… starts at 2.

Im so pro at reading. :china:

I disagree with Sunday.


Yeah the baby mama drama cookies are godlike.

I wish I could bring them to MAGfest. It would get your MVC2 streak increased ten fold.

yo I’ve gone under some T6 training and got the cast off I’m ready to go and learn some stuff this c3 in that game.

Will be playing CVS2 and 3s as well, free agent in both.

ugh. Didnt learn much from the last tourney that was on a Sunday huh?

I’ll try, but sunday makes it harder.

edit: 2v2 ? :frowning:

This major sounds godlike tho V. I like it!!!

I need to get atleast top 16 in a major before super. IM TOO HUNGRY!!!

meh, why 2vs2?

Oh well, who wants to team with scrubuki?

also, cvs2? I mean people are starting to play it again.

I think we’re moved to Sunday cuz birthday parties pay up more than us!!!

eh. whatever the reason. im done with c3 till its moved back to saturdays.

I respect that.