[Sunday, May 19th] SoCal ST Games Qualifier @ Super Arcade

I’m happy to finally announce details for the upcoming SoCal ST Games Qualifier #1 and #2 Tournaments!



SoCal ST Games Qualifiers Tournaments:
1st Qualifier: Ratio Singles Tournament
2nd Qualifier: Character Lock Tournament


Super Arcade
1211 N. Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789


Sunday, May 19th, 2013.
1st Qualifier: 2:00pm
2nd Qualifier: 6:00pm


Both Ratio Singles Tournament and the Character Lock Tournament will adhere to the ST Games rule set found at the link below

Entry Fee:

$10 per qualifier tournament + $5 venue fee
Example: If you only enter 1 qualifier, you pay $15 total. To enter both qualifiers, you pay $25 total.


Stream Station
Atomiswave H2H Candy Cab setup with Sanwa JLFs and buttons.

Tourney/Casuals Station
Don’s Arcade Supergun with provided Madcatz TE sticks. All Sanwa parts.

DGV’s Supergun with PS/2 ports with provided Hori sticks. One stick uses Sanwa parts, other stick uses Seimitsu stick with Sanwa buttons.


Tournament will be streamed by Mando at

More details will follow in the upcoming month.

count me in im moving down there but ill need to practice so used to shitty emulated sped up st on ggpo…when the best times to come in at practice? I heard the sticks are american which is a good sign glad watson is keep it old school controls. P.S. if anyone is up for games on HF im down also

Best times to come in and practice are Wednesday and Friday night. If Watson’s not busy, he usually doesn’t mind playing ST casuals if you ask him. He loves playing guys from out-of-town. ST is no longer on the American showcase cab. It’s only on the H2H setup with Japanese sticks and buttons. But if you are coming to the qualifier, DGV’s stands have a control panel that uses bat tops.

Bump. It’s getting close to go time.

Damn I wanted to go. Too bad its on Sunday. I figured shotos and afro would be there and I’ve been dying to play them. Well, I hope the tourney turns out well. Wonder what we’ll see with the ratio tourney. Afro would probably use boxer and dee jay, with shotos who knows, he’ll probably have an old shoto and then who knows. I also wonder what time of team papercuts gonna make. Is the ratio format really low tier friendly? I think a strong 2 man 4 ratio+3ratio team will still be the dominant strategy. We shall see this weekend. Can’t wait to see all the cammy/blanka/o.gief filler.

Well, that’s kind of the fun of ratio tournaments. Either you can pick a high tier character plus an o.cammy or o.blanka filler, or you can pick 3-4 solid mid-tiered characters that balance out really well, but might get decimated by a claw or boxer. You pick your strategy and see who comes out on top.

Updated first post with details on setups.

I’ll be honest, i’m pretty damn excited to play and see matches this weekend. :slight_smile:

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that there will be a pre-tournament tournament happening tonight at Super Arcade this Friday at 9:00pm. Stream will be provided by Sergjiev of Arkadeum:

Challonge bracket will be made available online for viewing:


I haven’t decided on tourney format, but it will most likely be a ratio tournament. So if you’re planning on attending, please have your ratio pool in mind when you sign up with me at Super Tonight. Hope to see you guys there!

print a few copy of these for fri & sunday, otherwise the signup process will take a long time


I’m actually just going to print a few copies of othartheom’s excellent graphic with the ratios listed. People can pick their selection, I’ll write it down, and do some head math to make sure it falls within the ruleset. I’m Asian. I got them math skills. I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide in my head like a monster. I’ll keep a separate list of players:characters.

This is great Papasi. We can hand these out at EVO.

Just wanted to give a big shoutout to Armando for the awesome stream and Watson for hosting the tournament. James Chen for his top tier commentary. eltrouble and Muffinman for organzing and running the tournament. Ryan and Sergjiev for the secondary stream. And all the old and new faces who showed up to play!

It was great seeing the ST crew again…GGs to all the guys there last night. Random conversations at 2am ranging from XMania to math and clubbing never gets old. Huge thanks to all those involved in the organizing and stream process (Eugene, Ryan, Armando, James C, etc) and of course the man with the venue…Watts!

Here are the full results of both qualifier tournaments.

ST Games SoCal Super Arcade Qualifiers - Ratio Tournament (20 entrants)

  1. Afro Legends - (Deejay, Boxer)
  2. DGV - (Cammy, Ryu x2)
  3. Kuroppi - (Gief, O.Honda x2, Honda)
  4. Muffin Man - (Dictator, Sagat, Fei, O.Cammy)
  5. shotosallday - (O.Fei, O.Ryu, Gief, Cammy)
  6. James Chen - (Vega, Cammy x3)
  7. DNGR S PAPERCUT - (O.Ryu, Hawk x2)
  8. moocus - (Fei, Ken, Hawk, O.Gief)
  9. eltrouble - (O.Cammy, O.Ken, Sim)
  10. Red Venom - (Blanka, Ryu x2)
  11. SlyRy - (Guile, O.Gief, O.Cammy, O.Hawk)
  12. Digital Infamy - (Ryu, Boxer)
  13. Faka - (Cammy, Ryu x2)
  14. Wicked Element - (Guile, Gief, O.Hawk)
  15. ‎Millertime - (O.Blanka, O.Honda, Honda x2)
  16. Cossack - (O.Cammy, O.Honda, Honda x2)
  17. Ryan - (Blanka, O.Ken, Chun)
  18. Aaron - (Deejay, O.Sagat)
  19. Stevebafett - (O.Blanka, O.Honda, Honda x2)
  20. Sergjiev - (Deejay, O.Honda, Honda)

ST Games SoCal Super Arcade Qualifiers - Character Lock Tournament (17 entrants)

  1. Watson - (O.Guile)
  2. shotosallday - (O.Sagat)
  3. DGV - (Ryu)
  4. Digital Infamy - (Boxer)
  5. DNGR S PAPERCUT - (O.Hawk)
  6. Kuroppi - (Honda)
  7. Muffin Man - (Sagat)
  8. eltrouble - (Sim)
  9. SlyRy - (O.Hawk)
  10. Millertime - (Honda)
  11. Red Venom - (Ryu)
  12. moocus - (O.Hawk)
  13. Wicked Element - (Gief)
  14. Ryan - (Chun)
  15. Sergjiev - (Honda)
  16. Golden Creme - (Blanka)
  17. Stevebafett - (Honda)