Sunday May 29th-Battle for Seattle planning thread


Venue: Deca Hotel
4507 Brooklyn Avenue Northeast
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 634-2000

(Hotel is across the street from the Neptune theatre in U-district a block from University ave)
Date: Saturday+Sunday, May 28th-29th

This should be a pretty big event, it will be in a seperate room but included in the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo thrown by Gerald (My ex-roomie when I lived in Renton, for those that remember him). As I said, we will have a seperate room for tournaments, and across the hall we will have a freeplay room with consoles and arcade machines, and then another main hall with TONS of modern and retro videogames for you guys to buy and sell and trade. (Tournaments will be only on SUNDAY but the main hall and freeplay room will be open all weekend). I will be trying to figure out a way to get tournament players a discount into the main expo venue hall, but that isn’t worked out yet. But if you ONLY want to show up to play in tournaments that is fine.

The games are not set in stone. Assuming MvC3 is not absolute hot garbage that everyone hates, we will have it. We will be having Dreamcast Super Turbo. We will have some other fighting games. We will have some retro classic tournaments, either head to head or high score challenge types (I NEED recommendations for good tournament classic/retro games. Ones that are either head to head, or high score, but not games that you can play 24 hour marathon runs, we will have strict time schedules due to only being a one day event!) Other than ST and MvC3 no games are set in stone just yet. I will be bringing in 2 arcade machines, and people will have the option of playing their ST matches on an Astro City cabinet (but cannot hold up the tourney to do so).

I’ve made a list of all the things I need, I really need you guys’ help. I need:

-Tournament organizers who can run parts of the brackets, and be in charge of a certain number of stations. It is okay to compete, and I will keep you close to the stations you are in charge of. Tourney organizers will get some goodies.

-People to bring in equipment. I have one dreamcast and one xbox right now, but I will need help with setups. We need, xbox systems, dreamcasts, dreamcast converters, TVs, power strips, extension cables, plastic tubs to organize the equipment table.

-I have a ton of CDRs but no computer, so if I could give someone 20 CDRs and have them burn a bunch of TDC2’s that would be awesome.

-Setup/Tear down help. We can start at midnight the saturday before, but it isn’t neccessary

-I would REALLY like an audio/visual guy who can capture the semis and finals. But I don’t have the hardware or know how.

-Volunteers to put up flyers, and also people to help look for sponsors (either cash or goodies. I am looking to give away prizes to people other than just tournament winners as well)

There are lots more things to discuss, but this is off the top of my head. Any random ideas are welcome, I am just trying to gauge interest.



Alpha 2,Fighters history Dynamite karnov’s revenge,KOF 98 and Vampire Savior or Night Warriors.


Can we change the name of the event to “Battle of Seattle”?


I could consider it, but does that really sound THAT much better? I kind of like “for” myself. “In” Seattle is also good, I probably like “in” better than of.


Hey guys,

I have a problem. The event is going to be two days, May 28th and 29th. Right now the ONLY games locked in are ST on Dreamcast, and MvC3 on 360. I really want to host SF3 online as well, and KOF XIII, but I have no guarantee these games will be out by then. How do I promote a tournament event without knowing 100% what games will be out??? Super frustrating, does anyone have any ideas?


It is probably best not to advertise games in a tourney that do not have release date yet. One of the worst things you could do is hype people up with false hope. I would wait until you are 100% sure on a release date and then make an announcement.


If someone has a van or truck I can bring 2 cabinets (HF and ST) to the event.

Or yes, Xmen: Children of the Atom.

I said it. Damn.


Would that be your Egret 2 cabinet as well? I’m probably going to rent a U-haul to move around my big cabinet to the hall as well, if we could get your cabs too that would be AWESOME! :tup: